Testimonials from our happy friesian owners!

When we sell a friesian horse, we produce a happy customer. All of our customers have been excited and more than satisfied with their new companions.

Read on to see what these horse owners have to say about their new friesians and their buying experience with Black Sterling Friesians.

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EMBER - SOLD Friesian EMBER - Sold Congrats Linda in South Dakota on this fabulous pregnant mare!

Hi, Janna,

Wanted to let you know that Ember is out of quarantine at Lexington and has arrived at the training facility near Indianapolis. I haven't had the opportunity to meet her in person yet, but I love everything I am hearing and seeing in pictures and video.

Thank you for your role in making this happen!!!!!

Linda in South Dakota


ARLO STER - SOLD Friesian ARLO STER - Sold Congrats to Elizabeth in South Carolina on this marvelous STER Gelding!

Thank you for everything!!!  I am so excited and happy that I haven’t been able to sleep.  

Very excited and thank you so much!



Hi Janna:  He arrived and he is PERFECT!  

 Thank you again!  Everything went well and you definitely have a great business model.  The breeders of Arlo contacted me and I am keeping them up to date on his US activities.  He was certainly well-loved and they seem thrilled that he has landed with me.  I can't wait until January when I bring him home to my barn. Thank you for helping me.  I think I am now done buying horses, but so glad I didn't wait another minute.  I have loved horses my entire life and worked very hard in order to be able to afford and enjoy my horses at this stage of my life!  Arlo's temperament is perfect for me and I can tell he will excel in dressage.  I'm thrilled!!!  

Very truly yours,

-Elizabeth in South Carolina


Update 6 mos later...

Janna: I adore Arlo (Ferdinand “Ferdie“)! He has The Best Temperament! He is so sweet and adorable.

Friesians are simply the best horses for those who value temperament. I just love him!! Thank you for everything!! -Elizabeth in S.C.


YFKE STER SPORT - SOLD Friesian YFKE STER SPORT - Sold 2nd friesian sold to Debbie and Bryan in NY!

We went to NJ today to meet our YFKE. And we are super pleased with her. Everyone at the facility is in love with her. She is getting hand walked and lunged everyday for exercise. And we were able to take our feed and supplements to her so they will be feeding her what we want her to be on. -nothing but the best! She is being very well taken care of there. We did receive a couple bags of blankets (I think 6 total) for her which was a surprise. Her cooler and ribbons we have also received. Attached are a couple pics. Thank you for her!!!!!!!! Debbie and Bryan


HOLDEN - SOLD Friesian HOLDEN - Sold It's a SURPRISE!!! Happy B-day!

Hi ---this is Kayleigh…Holden’s New mommy.


We are getting along great I love him, he’s such a sweet handsome boy.

He really is an absolute sweetheart and I love him already!

He had his first ride in America today. He did VERY good:)


-Kayleigh in Orange County, CA


Darius - SOLD Friesian Darius - Sold Erin in Oregon is getting one special boy!

Thanks so much, I am so excited about Darius!! 

Darius is more wonderful than I ever could have imagined! Thank you for helping me find my unicorn! Please let his breeders/trainers know he is in his forever home and will be cared for and loved forever. Thank you all again!

Darius is phenomenal. He has been unbelievably quiet, mellow and calm. Such a sweet boy- I cannot believe he is only 3.5! He loves everyone.  

Thanks for selling me this horse. He truly is incredible!

Erin in Oregon


Vito - SOLD Friesian Vito - Sold Casie is getting a NEW Equine Partner!!:)

I'm so excited & in a bit of disbelief that he's to be mine. 

Or I'll be his. 

Whichever, I'm over the moon. 

Thank you thank you thank you ?? ????????He's so handsome, healthy & happy, who could ask for more—  he is every BIT my dream horse. 

I really cannot express to you how excited & grateful I am, the reality is setting in & as much as this seems like a dream, I’m thrilled beyond belief that it’s coming true! 

Thank you so much !!!



Update After Arrival From Europe:

My nieces have given him the new name of The Fonz. lol. He's really settling in nicely...goats & sheep are REALLY interesting to him...such a handsome & kind one! Thank YOU so much !!!!! I'm afraid I've already lost my boy to my 10 yr old niece, lol. If i were younger, and had more ego, his would make me defensive, but instead this made me quite emotional, in a very GOOD way. A bond like this can alter the course of a young life, for both human & horse.

D is a blessing to this family, Janna I’ve never had such intelligent horse that is likewise so inclined to bonding so quickly…he’s like a giant puppy dog lol! So eager to please & full of energy & literally comes right to us when called. Two weeks & I’m a friesian convert for life!! Also he has mad upper level potential lol…I haven’t been this excited & happy in a very long time!---- just wanted you to know that I appreciate you so much for making this happen ♥?  

My very best,

-Casie in Calif


Bran - SOLD Friesian Bran  - Sold 3rd Horse from BSF going to Jackie in Colorado!


Brandus arrived last night safely!

He looks great.  We are letting him rest up.  

 Thank you for helping me yet again in my search for a beautiful horse!



We are having fun with Brandus.  Everyone is over the moon about him.  He is so mellow and polite.    

He’s actually much bigger than I expected! I’m glad he has a great temperament to go with his size.  


 Brandus is such an awesome boy.  He’s been doing great and my daughter and I feel so safe around him.  He’s very gentle and loving.  Thank you for finding him for us!


Jackie  in CO


DRAKE STER - SOLD Friesian DRAKE STER - Sold This SWEET STER Gelding is Headed to R.I. for Karen!

Dear Janna,


Can't thank you enough!!!


 Drake arrived safely at the training barn this evening.   He’s amazingly calm and SO handsome.  I’m so happy!

He will be loved beyond words!! I think he’s truly amazing.   He’s had a great deal of change leaving his loving, comfy home in the Netherlands.    I can’t thank you enough.   I LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM!


I’m forever grateful for the gift of my Friesians! I now have TWO BSF boys!!! Happy New Year Jana !!!


Karen in RI


Hessel STER - SOLD Friesian Hessel STER - Sold PERFECT MATCH!!! Congrats!!!!

Thank you for being a straight forward business person, and easy to work with!


We love him!    Thanks Janna😍😍😍 


-Jerry and Susan in  NY


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