Testimonials from our happy friesian owners!

When we sell a friesian horse, we produce a happy customer. All of our customers have been excited and more than satisfied with their new companions.

Read on to see what these horse owners have to say about their new friesians and their buying experience with Black Sterling Friesians.

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Dirk van Doorndraai STER - SOLD Friesian Dirk van Doorndraai STER - Sold 7th Friesian from BSF Sold to Grand Prix Rider, Sue, in CO!

Hi Janna-

 I am really excited about Dirk.  I have bought Jip, Zorro, Magnifiek, Siete, Nico and Nik from you!  They have all been very special horses to me!

Thanks so much for all your hard work in finding me a very special horse! 

Sue in Colorado


ROCCO STER & SPORT - SOLD Friesian ROCCO STER & SPORT - Sold SO EXCITED for Karen in Ontario, Canada!!!

Thank you for everything; and thanks again for all the extra effort on my behalf!

 I am so very grateful to you :)


Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to have such a fabulous boy come into my life so we can embark on this adventure together.  I am eternally grateful to all who have been involved and all of those who have been instrumental in developing this fabulous Friesian ❤

Thank you again (you and everyone in Holland) for this wonderful horse, and for EVERYTHING!


 Karen in Ontario, CANADA


Hilde SPORT - SOLD Friesian Hilde SPORT - Sold Tanja & Scott in Tenn Are Soon to Be Enjoying An AMAZING Mare!


I have been following your site for a while and you explain your standards as in what type of horses you sell quite well so seeing the videos and knowing you've been doing this as long as you have has given us the confidence to move forward with this process.

On a side note, Hilde's nickname at the CEM quarantine farm has been "Dutch Diamond Princess". They absolutely love her and her sweet character. They gave her this name because when she stepped off the trailer from NY she wore the most beautiful leather halter that accompanied her with lots of bling on it. She stood out because the other mares that arrived with her, one an almost 100K Dressage mare from the Warmblood auction in Verden, Germany, ALL came in wearing the most ratty, tattered and cheap looking Nylon halters on the verge of falling apart you can imagine. They told us she must have been well loved to come with such a nice halter. :) THANK YOU to you and your partners in the Netherlands who made sure she's travelling in style and with her "Sunday best" halter. :) 

 We appreciate your help along the way to make this a smooth process.

Thank you again from both of us to match us up to her, we hope to have many years of enjoyment with her!

Tanja & Scott in Tenn


THIERRY - SOLD Friesian THIERRY - Sold Congrats to Dr Amber in Canada on This Sweet Boy!


you have been so incredible to do business with. I thank you sincerely! 

I know you probably get tired of hearing how awesome you are lol…, do you? 

You are nothing short of a miracle worker.

This horse arrived completely and EXACTLY as represented. He’s perfect and I am so incredibly in love with him already. 

He’s kind, willing and gentle. 


Thank you from my heart, you are amazing and so is Jetta (Thierry). 

Thanks again! 



Dr. Amber Morgan, HBSc. , DVM.

Emergency/ Critical Care Veterinarian




INDIGO BSF - SOLD Friesian INDIGO BSF - Sold Shelley in Michigan Got a GOOD One!!!
Janna, He is so sweet! Indigo follows me all around and always comes to greet me. I am really impressed by this breed! Majestic, yet gentle. Spirited, yet easy to manage. I am falling in love!   Shelley in Michigan


Records 1 to 15 of 862

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