Testimonials from our happy friesian owners!

When we sell a friesian horse, we produce a happy customer. All of our customers have been excited and more than satisfied with their new companions.

Read on to see what these horse owners have to say about their new friesians and their buying experience with Black Sterling Friesians.

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RONAN STER SPORT - SOLD Friesian RONAN STER SPORT - Sold Audrey in Colorado is getting an AMAZING boy!

I. AM. EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for all you have done Janna.

You’re an angel.


-Audrey in Colorado


PAISLEY STER CROWN - SOLD Friesian PAISLEY STER CROWN - Sold Grats to Darlene in NJ & Fla on her 4th friesian from BSF!


Thanks for the crown mare!!!!

Darlene om NJ and Fla


SANTOS - SOLD Friesian SANTOS - Sold HUGE Congrats to Sutton on Housewives of Beverly Hills on her bucket list purchase of a VERY sweet baroque pinto!

Very excited, a bit overwhelmed;) and already in love!!!

Thank You!

-Sutton in Bel Air, CA


Reinold STER & SPORT - SOLD Friesian Reinold STER & SPORT - Sold SOLD toTraci in Baton Rouge, LA

Hi Janna,
Just wanted to let you know Reinold (we call him Bacchus) made it to Louisiana safety last week. He’s settling in nicely.
He’s very beautiful and super sweet! We love him so much!!!
My trainer got on him today for the first time.
He’s a beautiful mover!
Thank you for everything! Finally got a few good pics today. Taking a selfie with your Friesian is not easy! Thanks so much!!!


-Traci in Louisiana


LIZA - SOLD Friesian LIZA - Sold Happy New Year to Alan & Family in Alabama!

She’s here and she’s absolutely beautiful!

I can’t thank you both enough for getting her here and taking care of her along the way.

Steve, the transporter, was great to meet, and we have a lot of things in common. Liza (renamed Lillian) is doing great! We all love her already!


We hope to work with all of you again!


-Alan in Alabama


ONYX STER SPORT ELITE - SOLD Friesian ONYX STER SPORT ELITE - Sold This GRAND PRIX Superstar is Headed to Vancouver Island!

Janna!  This horse! Absolutely incredible! He just arrived --Got on him today after my trainer, he is absolutely incredible! I am amazed. Thank you!!!!  It is only day 4 after his arrival and he is super settled. I think he likes it here. 

HE IS PERFECT FOR ME!!!! He is truly magnificent. Dreams do come true!! I still have goosebumps from riding him! That was two hours ago! So impressed, just had to say it.

He is the MOST gentle of gentleman! He's solid. Sooo pleased with him. As you know, buying a horse off videos can be tricky.  Thanks for being upfront about everything!

Waited all my life for a horse like this.


-Suzie on Vancouver Island


RYDER SPORT - SOLD Friesian RYDER SPORT - Sold Grats to Cathy in Santa Rosa on her 3rd friesian from BSF!

You answered all my questions.. You’re very thorough and easy to work with!!!

You’re the best, Thanks!

Ryder is here... got here about 8:45pm and he’s absolutely beautiful! Real sweet, kind eye, very chill, and love his grass hay! So he’s settling in and we just wanted to say thank you again! He's so sweet and gentle!!!!  He was reaching out to my 1 yr old granddaughter who is already loving horses, so he's a REAL GEM!

Update: Hi Janna… Just wanted to send you some pictures of Ryder and his new family! He’s settling in very well, and he’s being a very good boy! He really loves people hanging around him and he’s very personable. My granddaughter loves him as well as my daughter… 3 generations of Friesian lovers! Thanks Janna for such a sweet and steady boy! ??

-Cathy in Santa Rosa, CA


EMBER - SOLD Friesian EMBER - Sold Congrats Linda in South Dakota on this fabulous pregnant mare!

Hi, Janna,

Wanted to let you know that Ember is out of quarantine at Lexington and has arrived at the training facility near Indianapolis. I haven't had the opportunity to meet her in person yet, but I love everything I am hearing and seeing in pictures and video.

Thank you for your role in making this happen!!!!!

Linda in South Dakota


Records 1 to 15 of 953

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