Testimonials from our happy friesian owners!

When we sell a friesian horse, we produce a happy customer. All of our customers have been excited and more than satisfied with their new companions.

Read on to see what these horse owners have to say about their new friesians and their buying experience with Black Sterling Friesians.

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Klaas BSF - SOLD Friesian Klaas BSF - Sold Congrats to Kristina in Maine!!!

My boy arrived this evening!!:):) 


He just came off the trailer.....Love at first sight!!!


Kristina in Maine




Theon fan Panhueys SPORT - SOLD Friesian Theon fan Panhueys SPORT - Sold 7th friesian from BSF over the last 20 yrs, headed to Canada for Shirley!

First ride on Theon! What a fantastic horse!


Wonderful in every way, and once again, absolutely EVERYTHING you said he was, he is! One if the nicest horses I’ve ever ridden, and I’ve ridden just a few!

(Well, quite a few)!"!


 Update on Theon:


Letting you know that Theon is doing well! Still one of the best horses I have ever ridden. Well trained (1/2 halt to die for)! And so easy with his rideable gaits and incredible temperament! Also letting you know that after 20 years and 7 horses purchased, I now realize how fortunate I am to have bought from you. I’ve been hearing horror stories of 30 day tranqs, radiographs swapped from other horses, and even forged clinicals on other horses people have bought. I never gave this a 2nd thought before, because every horse I’ve purchased from you has been 100% what you’ve said they are.

I’m fortunate to have met you at FHANA exhibition some 20? Years ago.

Are we that old?


-HAPPY in CAN.:):)


-Shirley in CANADA


BRECHT - SOLD Friesian BRECHT - Sold Congrats to the VanHooren family in Michigan on this MARVELOUS mare!!!!

Hello Janna,
Everyone is on the same page and this has been a great experience for us.  I am going to purchase BSF dressage tack package from you.  Thanks for providing this awesome tack that will fit our Girl. Janna, you’re a true professional and we will import with you again.  




We just go her home. 68 degrees and sunny, today in Michigan. Swoon! She is everything we expected. She is very soft and sweet. I wanted to express our gratitude to you Janna. Every single thing went smoothly and we were well taken care of. She is in her home in her pasture. Calling at the boys!!

Lance in Michigan


SNOW - SOLD Friesian SNOW - Sold SOLD! Headed to Fla for Ashley, Congrats on this amazing stud!!!!

Had a nice groom and Snow got a haircut..... I rode him yesterday and he was so good! Very safe and sweet. If anything need to find a way to get more go out of him haha.......but I'd rather that than feel like I'm sitting on a fire breathing dragon:)


TEUNIS SPORT - SOLD Friesian TEUNIS SPORT - Sold Grats to Teresa in Texas on this SCHOOLMASTER!

He's a gentle beautiful lover!!!!!



-Teresa in Texas


Mr FOX - SOLD Friesian Mr FOX - Sold HUGE Congrats to Shari in Oregon!!

He is home. Breathtaking and a good boy!!!



 .....such a sweet boy.



-Shari in Oregon


Records 1 to 15 of 1047

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