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You've come to the right place! Black Sterling Friesians has matched more riders with their dream friesian horse partners than anyone else in North America.

If you're looking for a friesian horse for sale, there is no better expert to turn to than Janna Weir, world-renowned equestrian and owner of Black Sterling Friesians. Our friesian horses have been thoroughly vetted by Janna, ensuring your perfect companion for pleasure riding, trails, and even competitive dressage.

Not satisfied with our current selection? No problem! We will personally help you buy your perfect friesian companion by reaching out to our extensive network of breeders and trainers across the world.

View Friesian horse purchasing details for KENZO


4 Year Old Friesian Gelding Arriving on June 01 Price & Details

REAL Fairytale Baroque Pinto For Sale!
This boy is a Drop Dead GORGEOUS Baroque Pinto
Competing L2 Dressage (1st-2nd level) w/ high scores

View Friesian horse purchasing details for NINA


4 Year Old Friesian Mare Arriving on June 01 Price & Details

AMAZING Jet Black ELEGANT Pregnant Friesian Mare for sale
Really Nice Dressage AND Trail Riding Partner
Will Pay for Herself in Less than 2 Yrs!

View Friesian horse purchasing details for ASHER


8 Year Old Friesian Gelding Arriving on June 02 Price & Details

Friesian Gelding for sale that LOVES Going on Trail Rides!
L2 Dressage (1st-2nd level); VERY sweet and always friendly; stable favorite:)

View Friesian horse purchasing details for SILVER LINING


Congrats to Jimi in NC on this wonderful grey talented boy!
View Friesian horse purchasing details for NEELY


4 Year Old Friesian Gelding Arriving on June 20 Price & Details

Swan Neck, SUPER Handsome Dressage Friesian 
First level, Scoring over 65% with amateur rider; Perfect Xrays

View Friesian horse purchasing details for MARGRIET


4 Year Old Friesian Mare Arriving on July 01 Price & Details

Reasonably Priced Full Pedigree Friesian Mare For Sale in foal to Jehannes 484!
Ster-Ster-Ster-SterVERY Good movement! EXCELLENT 2 for 1 Deal!

View Friesian horse purchasing details for Karl van de Boskant

Karl van de Boskant

Congrats to Keri in Wellington, FLA! She is going to have SOO much fun with this boy!:)
View Friesian horse purchasing details for Taron STER & SPORT


Grats to Mary in VA on her last and BEST trail riding friesian EVER!
View Friesian horse purchasing details for Leonardo STER

Leonardo STER

Congrats to Seelchen & David on their 6th AMAZING horse from BSF, spanning 20 yrs!!

Exquisite Friesian Horses for Sale

Black Sterling Friesians helps riders acquire the Friesian that is RIGHT for them. Founder Janna Weir has not only won 16 world and national championships with her Friesian horses and been awarded FHANA’s President Trophy, she has successfully matched more riders than anyone in North America with their dream forever Friesian partners. Janna offers all-inclusive buying trips to Europe, in which she takes care of all the details required to purchase, vet, and transport your fairytale Friesian to the United States. Her decades-long relationships with several Friesian breeders ensure she can find and negotiate the best price for the finest horses. In addition, she frequently finds and imports EXCEPTIONALLY beautiful trail/pleasure horses, as well as offers accomplished sport horses with impeccable track records, winning in dressage. Call or email Janna and let her know exactly what you are searching for, and if she doesn’t have it, she will find your fairytale Friesian for you!

If we have a horse that you REALLY like, we STRONGLY recommend you place a deposit on him, as our Friesians last, on average, only 2-8 weeks once they are posted, and 95% are sold sight unseen. While deposits are non-refundable, they ARE applicable to any other Friesian of your choice, at any time. Full payment is due within 10 days of receipt of deposit. We are not able to offer payment plans on the purchase of any of our horses. We are the largest importers of well trained Friesians in N. America, and if you take a look at our testimonials, you will see how happy our customers are with the horses they purchased from Black Sterling Friesians Inc. Feel free to call us anytime with questions on a particular horse. We accept credit cards through PayPal (by making your payment to [email protected]); buyer is responsible for the 3% fee charged by PayPal for all credit card payments. Deposits are Non-Refundable

A portion of all sales are donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
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