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2020 Stallion Show

Journal Notes from the 2020 Stallion Show in Netherlands....and what trip to holland in january is complete, without a side trip to the French Alps for a little ski vacation on the side?!?  Here are my notes and pics, enjoy!!  ...and check out my facebook page for TONS of video clips!! Leeuwarden, Netherlands: Walked down to the Post Plaza Hotel for dinner, then back to our WTC Westcord Hotel for dinner—- can’t miss the larger than life Friesian horses in the lobby! I wonder what they do with these things for the other 51 weeks of the year.....

Beautiful sunrise over Leeuwarden city center, from our end room at the WTC Westcord hotel... laying in bed, planning our day, watching the best approved stallions in the world go toe to toe, in 10 championship rounds, until a new world grand champion is selected.

The Girls with the King Jasper 366

I rode this once in a lifetime Grand Prix stallion for sale— price is in the 6 digits— but not often will you have the opportunity to own a Safe, sane, sound Grand Prix dressage schoolmaster!:). Serious inquiries only - give me a call at (415) 272-2112 

Shopping for more champion dressage horses... Lots of Informative Clinics, lectures, and good competition today at the stallion show. Enjoyed watching FHANA presidents, Roseanne Palermo’s horse WIN A GOOD CLASS, AND DISCUSSING NEW ideas for with FHANA board member Will Bron.

Friesian proms—

went back to the stall area, and snuck in my fav Grand Prix stallions stall, Michiel, who made it to the final 6, and took a few failed selfies. Such a kind, sweet boy—- I wanna take HIM home!!!

I snuck in back go observe Jasper get ready for his presentation. LOVE this boy!!!! I was immediately recognized by the family that owns him, as I visited their home years ago, and wandered around their pasture, meeting their amazing long haired Ster mares. I imported an Anton x Nykle stallion that Jaspers family bred—, Up’t fan Panhueys (I competed him as Majestic), and he was chosen for the 70 day test when I took him to our local keuring in Calif! Jasper’s owner received a special award following Jaspers presentation.  I rode several dressage schoolmasters— give me a buzz, if you would like the inside scoop on each one!
see for price and more info or call janna at 415-272-2112

The newly crowned World Grand Champion, prepares for another round of competition. 

Our marvelous group, from Ohio, sans a few Calif stragglers (lee and i) posing with Jasper backstage, and the snazzy Dream Gait banner decorating the arena. Can’t thank Lynn Schmidt enough for spearheading this year’s most amazing adventure!!!!

25 yr old Jasper—- the most loved and adored approved stallion in the world. What a fantastic tribute to him at this years event. Almost every friesian owner has or has had an offspring of the GREAT Jasper.

Matthys 504 (Norbert 444 x Beart 411) crowned champion of the 2020 KFPS Stallion Show.

Stallion show 2020 is in the record books—- most fun stallion show of last 2 decades!!!:)

...traveling to Geneva Switzerland from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Hotel de La Loze Courchevel 1850

1st day on slopes— Courcheval is amazing!! What a way to see the French Alps. Hard to ski... my jaw is dragging in snow, gapping at the views. Snow is great, sunny weather, many loud russians; we seem to be the only Americans in the entire town. Oddly, very little English spoken. Really different experience——and cherishing every moment. What an adventure life is!!

2nd day on slopes in Courcheval. Don’t feel guilty about starting late— lifts don’t start moving until 9am! Stomach still aching from truffle cheese fondue dinner— today we made it to the 3rd valley. Skied 38 miles. Ended day at trendy apres ski place on slopes, with champagne and sushi. No tables available for common white folk —I asked politely again (I’m 1/2 Lebanese) and we were accommodated. I wouldn’t really recommend Nemmos Courcheval 1850, if you actually work for a living, and travel without an entourage of servants. We were the only clients served that weren’t from Saudi Arabia. But hey, we had a couple cocktails and laughed stomach hurt again!

.... at L'Arbé Courchevel.

January 15 · Courchevel, France · 

We liked this restaurant so much, we went two nites in a row— first nite— cheese fondue with truffles. Second nite— we cooked a mixed grill of chix, beef and duck on a little skillet heated by flames on our table—-discovering its more about the experience, than the taste.

3rd day skiing French Alps. Sunny, could use fresh snow, but heck— the French have it figured out— amazing chalets with comfy chairs and fake furs to keep you warm, for a mid day or apres ski break.

Famous apres ski place we happened upon, while skiing Courcheval. Check out the Polaris, bringing non skiers to the mountain chalet for a late lunch. So chic. So French. We are having a ball!

Hotel de La Loze Courchevel 1850.

January 15 · Courchevel, France · 

Our boutique hotel, slope side, 1850 Courcheval. I highly recommend this place. Great location, awesome breakfasts, small and quaint.

Last day in the French Alps....

Hotel d’Angelterre, Geneva, Switzerland ; Gorgeous 5 star boutique hotel across from Lake Geneva

Hello Geneva, Switzerland! Took the water taxi across Lake Geneva, to visit a historic cathedral; Lee was dying to share the history.

Wow. Cathedral Saint Pierre. Built in 1400’s. What i found mind blowing were the sky high ceilings— built soooo long ago.

Last nite, in Hotel D'Angleterre, looking out onto Lake Geneva. Seems to be the diplomatic, 5 star hotel row, with the Fairmont, the Ritz Carlton, the Grand Hotel, etc, all in a row. This was our last nite—- in a gorgeous, albeit a tad over the top, luxury boutique hotel, before the 14 hour journey back to california.

Already made my Hotel reservations for the WTC Westcord Hotel for Stallion Show 2022, who wants to join me?!? 

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