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Jack Brooks Camping Trip

August 11 - 14, 2011:Jack Brooks Camping Trip with Los Altos Hounds

August 11 - 14, 2011

Jack Brooks Camping Trip with Los Altos Hounds

What a great time Kirstin and I had, with our steeds, Ate and Majestic, who are two FANTASTIC trail horses!!! Riders of all disciplines and levels enjoyed this event with all breeds/types of horses. 

We trail rode for 3-5 hours daily in spectacular forests, enjoyed catered meals, campfires, good friends, and fun!!!!

Talk about excellent horse camping with our show horses--proving once again, these boys are VERSATILE, putting in 10-15 miles per day, and making tight turns right along with the arabs!!

Thank you, Los Altos Hounds, For a fabulous long weekend horse camping with our friesians.  Enjoy the photos of a few new friends that were enamored with Majestic:)

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