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FHANA President's Trophy Winner!!!

Horse Show - FHANA President's Trophy Winner!!! Horse Show - FHANA President's Trophy Winner!!! Horse Show - FHANA President's Trophy Winner!!! Horse Show - FHANA President's Trophy Winner!!! Horse Show - FHANA President's Trophy Winner!!!
Horse Show - FHANA President's Trophy Winner!!! Horse Show - FHANA President's Trophy Winner!!! Horse Show - FHANA President's Trophy Winner!!! Horse Show - FHANA President's Trophy Winner!!!

Friesian Horse Assoc of North America Announces 2009 President’s Trophy Award Winner, Janna Weir

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The Friesian Horse Assoc of N. America honored Janna Weir, the 2009 FHANA President's Trophy winner, at the Annual General Meeting, held Feb 27th, 2010, in London, Ontario, Canada. The northern Californian woman was awarded for the promotion of the Friesian horse by competing and winning numerous large classes at USEF rated shows. Ms. Goldman used multiple horses to achieve the highest score in North America and was selected as the person who best demonstrates the versatility of the Friesian horse. Janna Weir’s name was added to the perpetual Presidential Trophy which remains on display at the FHANA offices in Lexington, KY.Selected as winner of FHANA’s most prestigious year end award, Janna Weir shows her Friesian horses in a multitude of disciplines, including saddleseat, huntseat, dressage, driving, and western.

She talks about meeting her first Friesian… ”at twelve ‘o clock midnight on Christmas Eve, 2000, the anticipation of our first Friesian’s arrival was almost unbearable. A big truck pulled in at the hunter/jumper boarding facility we were boarding at, and we heard their air brakes shut down, with a long low whistle sound. Within 10 minutes, the loading ramp was down, and out came a proud, prominent, jet black, high stepping and snorting Friesian. Ron remarked, “geez Janna, did you buy a horse or a BULL?” The gelding paused on the ramp, looked left and right, and with the dim light illuminating his siluette—we could see his breath—which looked like puffs of smoke being omitted from his nostrils with every breath”. Little did she know that the horse they fondly named “Black Sterling”, who had just arrived from Europe, would lead the way, impacting the Friesian fever on the west coast. Janna Weir Goldman was a saddleseat equitation world and national champion, riding with Marilyn Macfarlane of Simpsonville, KY, showing the famed Warlock to two World Championships and was crowned the Good Hands Finals Champion in Madison Square Gardens, in 1983. After taking 9 years off for college and career, Janna came back in 1992 to win the Adult Saddleseat Equitation National Championship at the World Championship horse show. She was chosen to represent the U.S. on the World Cup team in 1993.

It wasn’t until 8 years later, when Ron and Janna were married, that Julia, Ron’s 8 yr old daughter with a passion for horses, asked the question, “Can we get a horse?” Julia and Janna scoured the internet, researching different breeds of horses, particularly looking for a horse that could be shown saddleseat, and easily trained by an amateur. They fell in love with the friesian breed due to their beauty, intelligence, and ability to show and trail ride the same horse in the same weekend.

They found “Black Sterling”, a 8 yr old gelding with a history of being trained in dressage, on a website. They bought him sight unseen. Janna trained Sterling herself and created a stir on the west coast in open eng pleasure classes. With his beautiful black flowing mane, tail, and feathers, Sterling was a true ambassador for the breed, as many exhibitors had never seen a Friesian before; they were awed by his presence and performance. Needless to say, 9 years later, Sterling is still showing and winning with Janna in the irons, currently in the open western pleasure division. After importing their 3rd friesian, the Goldman’s realized they couldn’t afford to board multiple horses, and thus purchased a ranch in Sonoma, which they promptly named “Black Sterling Friesians”. Located in the heart of Sonoma wine country, just minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge, the ranch has since transformed from a 3 stall barn, to a 26 stall facility with two barns to house their show and sale horses. After the ranch was established, Janna’s full time job became finding, importing, and selling these black beauties.

Janna makes numerous trips to Holland, scouting for the best horses in the world, and establishing relationships with trainers and competitors in Holland. With the addition of a website, which is updated daily, Janna quickly became one of America’s largest importers of Friesians. Janna is a “do it yourselfer”, hauling her own horses to shows, grooming, bathing, clipping, and training all her Friesians herselve, without the assistance of any grooms, trainers, or instructors. 20 yr old Black Sterling, the horse that started it all and has been a one of a kind ambassador for the Friesian breed, has accumulated more than 200 blue ribbons. After winning the Open Eng Pleasure Stake at the Del Mar Charity Fair Show from 2001-2004, he took a year off and switched gears, and was crowned Champion or Reserve Grand Champion in the Open Western Pleasure Stake from 2006-2009. This National Champion Western Pleasure Friesian currently shows in Friesian western classes (when offered) and otherwise shows against other breeds in the Open Western Pleasure division, on the Pacific Coast Horse Show circuit. He has quite a fan club and his trademark tail drags two feet on the ground behind him. In 2009, Janna also showed her  Anton gelding, “Majestic”, to an undefeated season in Dressage Suitability classes and received the year end Highpoint on the Pacific Coast Circuit. They were also crowned the Champions of the Gelding/Stallion under Saddle class at the FHANA show in Reno, as well as winning the “Bareback Ride a Buck Class”. Due to the breed’s versatility, Janna also has a gelding, Ate, she shows huntseat, and two geldings that she shows saddleseat, and she shows the same horses in the open pleasure driving division. When asked what her favorite moment in competition was, in 2009, Janna passionately talks about showing a 1st premie ster mare, Zenobia, for the mare's new owner, and winning the 17 entry Mare Under Saddle class at the FHANA Anniversary show in Reno.

Janna Weir and her beautiful black Friesian horses, including “Sterling”, are frequently seen as a nice compliment to other breeds competing at the horse shows on the west coast.

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