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Friesian Sire


Reitse 272
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Kjeld is an amazing find. This full pedigree STER gelding did the 70 day test this year; selected as a provisionally APPROVED STALLION!!! Kjeld was selected over 500 other stallions, and this just goes to show how truly amazing this boy really is. This  6 yr old has quite the show record, with MANY wins to his name, both under saddle, and in carriage driving.

He won the carriage class at the big show in Blauwhuis, AND he was in the top 3 for young dressage horses under saddle. His last two times out , Kjeld won both times out, besting a field of warmbloods in M level dressage [2nd level], accumulating winning points, and he is now M2 dressage [3rd level]!

This is a horse that received a "9" for his gallop, by the Dutch Judges. During the 70 day test, Kjeld was at times positioned 3rd overall----the first two are now Approved stallions!

Kjeld is a beautiful and kind Friesian 1st premie ster gelding, he is very easy to ride and handle. He has a very athletic build and has 3 very good gaits. He is forward and has a kind temperament that the Friesian horse is known for. He almost always WINS, whether under saddle in dressage, or pulling a carriage.

If you are looking for a friesian that looks and moves like an APPROVED stallion, here he is! We are talking EXTRAVAGANT MOVEMENT! He has a long, flowing mane and tail and is easy, fun and rewarding to work with.

And this boy has the show record to back up what we say....he has points in M level (currently showing 2nd level) and he is going M2 dressage (3rd level).

Can’t beat the pedigree on this Sape son, he is out of a MODEL mare, grandmother is STER, great grandmother is MODEL +PREF, and great great grandmother is also STER.

Chosen as the tippy top of all foals, he earned a 1st premie, and then as a 5 yr old, he beat out literally hundreds of other stallions to not only become STER, but also was chosen, and went through, the elite 70 day test for provisionally approved stallions. Kjeld didn’t become an Approved stallion, so the friesian gene pool loss is OUR gain….. we bought him, castrated him, and we think he will set America on fire with that extended trot of his!!!

Registered as Kjeld fan Great Beckum
LOW In Breeding 1.37%
B-day is 1/2/03
Sape X Reitse Pref
Comes with a thorough pre purchase done in Dec, 2008, and clean x-rays.

This is an exceptionally talented horse we will show in 2009, if not sold.


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