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Piter 312
Friesian Sire


Tamme 276
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 15.3 hands

"McDreamy" is this 8 yr old mature gelding's nickname.  He was born on Jan 25th,  2001, and  registered as Dani H.  This sweet boy is sired by the approved stallion, Piter, and out of a Star mare by Tamme.  He has a VERY good pedigree with a motherline  reading STER-STB-STER-STER+PREF.   And his in-breeding is a low 2.34%.

I love this horse, he is a great horse to work with!!!!  McDreamy is really cute and uncomplicated. Not only is he very well trained under saddle, he is ALSO  driven as a  single, pair, and in a  four-in-hand.  What we love most-----McDreamy is a trailmaster and  very experienced in traffic!!!!  He is experienced pulling a fancy carriage in weddings and special events, and is totally voiced trained.  He stops immediately on a 'whoa' and moves on a click or "cluck".   This  gelding is really well-mannered.  You can see him ridden (for almost an hour..) in the arena and out on the trails with our friend, Lieke, who you may remember seeing in our pictures--as she came and lived with us for 3 mos.   Lieke knows we are always looking for safe, sane, sound, reasonably priced friesian geldings, and, as Lieke says,  "this one is absolutely 200% bombproof." 

McDreamy doesn't care about cars, large loud trucks or tractors, other horses running around in fields next to him, plastic waving in the wind, etc.  Without a doubt, McDreamy is suitable for any beginner. He is easy to move (not a lazy one) and  easy to stop,  and those of you that like to ride bareback will like this.... he is not bouncy.

McDreamy is not lazy,  he will readily move off your leg, but he also does not take off or spook, he just listens to his rider or driver. McDreamy is not impressed if you pull the reins a bit too hard or kick him a bit too much (Lieke tried!).  He feels really safe to his rider and is also fun for a more ambitious rider because he is very nice to work with ( he has a soft mouth, and is a hard worker).  McDreamy will follow your hand and is not strong in his mouth. He's ready to go first level dressage.

McDreamy has been used as a family/pleasure/trail horse, not shown at competitions.  He has been  ridden 'for fun'!!!!  If you are looking for a  very safe, 100% traffic proof,  very nice trail horse, McDreamy just might be for YOU! The same owner has owned him his entire life, he has not been tossed around from home to home.  McDreamy is a very quiet and easy to handle type of horse, and if you are looking for a "pleasure/trail" horse, you aren't paying for a show record you may never use.  

This horse is a GREAT BUY!!!! The entire family will enjoy their time on the back of this very sweet and cuddly guy.  


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