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Hinke M


Teunis 332
Friesian Sire


Tsjerk 328
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Hinke M. is a tremendous studbook mare with a proven dressage track record, showing in First Level and is now Second Level Dressage!!

She is a TALL Teunis daughter with perfect proportions. We love her sire, Teunis,  sired by the great Gerlof, who is sired by the Preferent Hearke. We bought Hinke because we were so impressed by her ability to compete as a dressage sporthorse, against warmbloods, and come out on top!  And she stems from stam line 61, the same line that has produced such approved stallions as 

Sander 269

Tjimme 275

Tamme 276

Jillis 301

and Wicher 334

Low in-breeding of only 2.34%

Hinke would be an excellent addition to any top notch breeding program, as she is a PROVEN producer,  but most recently we have concentrated on her own sport capabilities and she has been showing and scoring well in First Level competition, and is trained to Second Level. A tremendous mover, a Friesian mare with classic looks and really amazing cadence to her gaits, even the vet that performed Hinke's recent pre-purchase commented on her outstanding power from behind, and natural elasticity and balance. This registered studbook mare imported from Europe, has not only a solid dressage foundation, but show experience, and is a tremendous trailmaster and a superb all around pleasure horse. She has no vices whatsoever, and is a dream to work with on the ground, gets along well with our other horses, and is one of the nicest mares under saddle that we have ever offered. We currently use Hinke in a riding dressage lesson program, due to her gentle, kind and willing temperament.

We know very few KWPN horses that possess such a strong canter as Hinke's. Just take a look at this lovely blue-black mare----very few friesian horses have her quality. She is a very enthusiastic horse that loves to work and learns very quickly.

Hinke's combination number from competing this year is : 410359HV

Hinke has been showing successfully at M (2nd) level---she was last shown M1 level on 5/17/08.  She is bright, very consistent with smooth transitions, sound, healthy and always wants to do her best. She’s elegant and captures the eyes and hearts of people around her. She is energetic, light in build, and sensitive to the aids. 

Hinke is a rare opportunity for an amateur rider looking for a well trained horse to learn on, or is perfect for an older adult, or young rider looking to be competitive in dressage AND  retain the possibility of breeding in the future---an  investment with a secure return on a proven broodmare. Hinke previously had an outstanding colt and filly:)

Hinke is really a special horse!!



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