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Jasper 366
Friesian Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Watch a short movie of this 1st premie STER gelding on youtube:

Wybren in the pasture wiith his buddies:

Who said Friesians Can't Jump?!?

More of this 2nd level dressage gelding:

Wybren plays with a plastic bag:

Wybren has a relaxing roll after a workout:

Wybren loves to jump!!

RARE opportunity to own a first premie ster gelding by the multi WORLD GRAND CHAMPION, JASPER 366 [also sire of our star stallion that is a reigning NATIONAL and World Champion, see Ate fan Bartlehiem under "Our Horses"]. This experienced and mature 9 yr old Friesian ster gelding is 166cm tall (about 16.1 1/2 hands), registered with the Dutch FPS Studbook. He received his 'ster' with a first premium in 2004. That is 3rd party verification this boy's conformation and movement ranks in the TOP 5% of ALL FRIESIANS!!!!

Wybren won the 'silver whip' in 2005, a prestigious harness award for the Friesian horse in the Netherlands. He currently competes M1 under saddle (comparable to our 2nd and 3rd level) and is very successful.

Wybren is also comfortable when ridden outside the show arena, and is accustomed to traffic and honking cars. He drives VERY well and loves his job of grading the indoor arena, in the Netherlands:)

Wybren loves people and is very social towards other horses in the pasture. He can be turned out with mares, geldings, and babies---he gets along with everyone! He behaves well for the vet and farrier, loads easily and trailers quietly.This horse has a ton of potential and with an ambitious dressage rider, he can reach the stars!

Wybren really likes to work (he is not one of those lazy friesians), yet he is not too hot to handle----a six year old can lead him around. He will be the sweetest horse in your barn, and likely the most TALENTED, and he is very nice in the stall. He has a golden heart, he never quits. This boy is a HARD WORKER and loves his job.

His favorite thing to do is medium/extended trot, and he is GOOD at it, but when you only want to sit and have a quiet ride, he is fine with that, too. He goes out on trail rides with other horses and he is is not spooky. He is used to being ridden through villages, along water and with boats and all kinds of scary things around. And yes, he drives too!!!! That's how he won the silver whip. He is accustomed to ground driving, and get this----- he grades the inside arena:)

He even jumps 2-3 feet under saddle!!!! In the wintertime, when he had to stay inside a lot, Wybren did 3 feet free jumping just for fun!

Wybren S. is always ready to go for a ride. He was only sold by his last rider due to her back problems. she had him since he was 2 1/2 years old and she never had any health or behavioral problems with him. In the summer time, he lived outside in a group of mare's and geldings all turned out together.

Here is what Wybren's owner has to say about him:

"He came to our place when he was a 3 years old stallion, in july 2002. He had to go to the offspring testing for Jasper 366 that year and he was VERY succesful in the test!!! In september 2002, he became a star stallion. In 2003, I started him in dressage. He picked up competitive dressage like a seasoned competitor, AND he earned a first premie as a gelding and he was invited to the central inspection!! In october 2003, he became the fourth best gelding of Holland, and then went on to win the silver whip in show driving the next year AND he was invited for the central inspections again, this time for the driving part. He earned Fifth place in 2005 at the Central Inspection, and Wybren was featured in an exhibition celebrating the 125th year of the FPS show. Wybren performed driving with the friesian 'sjees' on the children's day and was used in a cirsus act with five other friesians horses. At the end of 2006, he was beating warmbloods in L2 dressage and showed M1 dressage successfully in 2007. I didn't plan to attend competitions in 2008 because in december 2007 my back started hurting and it still does.
In between competitions we ride (or drive him sometimes)in the indoor/outdoor or in the field behind the farm. When riding, he's nice and sensitive and very flexible (he doesn't need a lot of leg or spur.) He also loves to go on trail rides with other horses. We don't live in a good area to go on good trail rides, so we have to trailer him to the woods---which he really loves. In his stall, Wybren behaves very well and he is an exceptionally clean horse. When we groom and wash him, he is really patient. Warning don't leave little stuff laying around because he must put it in his mouth:) This is a really funny thing about him..... We've seen him running around with a big plastic bag in his mouth, making a lot of noise. He's the clown of the barn!
He also likes to jump. I did free jumping with him up to 80 cm (little less than 3 feet) and under saddle , he loves to JUMP!!!! He is accustomed to being turned out with other horses in the field and is very social in the group. Currently he is sharing our field with four mares and three other geldings. He is very patient in the trailer and he loads NO PROBLEM. I trailer him alone to dressage lessons and competitons.

I think he will be the best partner for a quiet, ambitious rider, that wants a VERY talented, not lazy, dressage horse. Wybren likes to work and please his rider."

Wybren has a sporthorse build, tall, long legged and a very good motor in the hind end!! He has a nice tail, and he carries it beautifully. His mane is nice and thick, not super long. He has an expressive head with a nice friendly eye. His last competition was in January, and he earned 2 winning points in the M1 [scoring above 65% in 2nd level exercises], and he knows a little of M2/Z1!!!

His combination number is 346449WS

He has clean x-rays taken May 23, 2008, on cd rom and available for review with your vet.

This is a one of a kind 1st premie STER gelding by World Champion, Jasper, with winning points in M1 Dressage, and winner of the Silver Whip... and dressage trainers:
you are sure to like this one--come take him for a spin!!!
He is THAT good, we guarantee you won't be disappointed.

If you are a warmblood person, but like the temperament of a friesian, you really should check out this horse.

Wybren LOVES carrots, and does all the dressage exercises flawlessly (leg yields, shoulders in, haunches in, travers), and canters from a walk. He has excellent brakes, and listens and responds very well to the word "WHOA". Heck, this boy was the Silver Whip Champion, of course he is trained to verbal cues!

He will make you a FRIESIAN believer:)


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