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Wikke 404
Friesian Sire


Ulbert 390
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description


BSF is proud to offer this outstanding Friesian Yearling Filly, Ygram's Great Black Tulip.

Tulip is a gorgeous filly with a phenomenal pedigree. Her mother's dam comes from unbroken STER predicates and her sire, Wikke 404, was rated by FHANA as the world's 6th most desirable Friesian stallion with 198 breedings in 2006. Her mother's sire is none other than the dressage champion, Ulbert, competing successfully at 4th level in Europe. Tulip has incredible charisma and should be tall like her mother, Harmke J (see photos of Harmke above, over 16 hands!!). Look at how tall this filly, born 6/4/07, already is!?! Tulip has a low 0.98% in breeding and is an excellent choice if you are starting a friesian breeding program, due to her desirable pedigree, AND she is a TOP shelf performance horse that is one heck of a nice looking and moving TALL sporthorse!

'Upright'!! and MODERN is the best way to describe Tulip. This gorgeous Yearling Friesian Filly is an absolutely fabulous mover!! VERY FANCY! And VERY elegant!!

Tulip exhibits exceptional balance, disposition, manners and training, far beyond her 1 year of age. She already trailers, ties, clips, bathes, etc.

Tulip is a long legged fluid moving stunner!!! Check out her BIG BIG movement in the video above!! This girl can FLY!!!
She is a super sweet, a curious gal with an excellent pedigree. This is a great Friesian mare for breeding lines, as well as being a future dressage horse. Tulip has one of the most stunning headsets I have ever seen in a young filly.

She is VERY upright and her gaits are fluid and spectacular to watch.

Motherline Stb-STER-STER-MODEL

In breeding 0.98%

Didn't go to keuring [registered via DNA testing]

Tulip comes for the creme de la creme of all stam lines.... STAM LINE 50. This is the GOLD STANDARD, because this line has produced more approved stallions than any other, such as:

fokke 217

tsjalling 235

walter 282

doeke 287

bartheld 292

jakob 302

thomas 327

warn 335

pilgram 336

anne 340

anton 343

brandus 345

jelle 368

otte 375

sape 381

rintse 386

time 398

Ymte 407

Beart 411

Beintse 418

Jorn 430

Loadewtk 431

Maurits 437


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