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Tjalle Z


Abel 344
Friesian Sire



Horse Description

Height: 15.3 hands

This 10 yr old dressage schoolmaster has 7 winning points in Z dressage and is doing flying problem! How many friesians on the market are actually doing flying changes??? Let me tell you, not many. This is a 3rd level wonder horse, make that wonder FRIESIAN horse.

We just had him thoroughly vetted and the veterinarian gave a positive advice to us--- this experienced mature 15.2 1/2 hand gelding is in good health. No comments whatsoever by the vet.

He was purchased by his previous owner when he was four years old and she had a lot of fun with him. Together, they quickly moved up the dressage ranks, and made a name for themselves--- even when showing in the open breed competitions. Tjalle was three times selected for the Dutch championships and the results were: 3rd place in L1 dressage, 4th in L2, and 7th in M1, AND Tjalle was second in a special class under saddle designated for big movement, out of 80 horses!!!!

This boy has a PROVEN track record, scoring above 60% in each level, moving up quickly, now with 7 points in Z level [3rd level] and is ready to move up to Z2 with his flying changes!!

Tjalle's pedigree is amazing: Mother is STER, Grandmother is STER, Great Grandmother is STER, and Great Great Grandmother is STER.

His birthdate is 5/16/98 and his registered full name is :

Tjalle van de Johanhoeve.

He stands 159 cm tall, and is VERY easy to sit, because of his compact build.

This is an EXPRESSIVE upper level dressage horse shown by an amateur rider and suitable for a child or novice.

Shown extensively in Europe with excellent results. Tjalle has a great work ethic with fantastic rideability. He has the gaits and character of a warmblood, but the easy going temperament you can ENJOY. He is a doll to trailer and bathe, stands well for the farrier and has no vices. Tjalle is the smallest horse in the quadrille he shows in, but everybody is always talking about him, because he likes to show off, and has amazing movement. There is also currently a first level young rider (17 yr old girl) who rides and shows Tjalle, and she has won almost every single competition entered! (Only once did she not win). Every time she competes, she scores above 65% and earns a winning point. Last weekend (Memorial weekend) she again came home with winning prizes and more points.. ..She is a 17 year old novice rider and has only ridden horses at a riding school previously.Tjalle is a real schoolmaster. This is what Tjalle's owner in the Netherlands has to say about him:

"We bought Tjalle in 2002, he was 4 years old. At that time, he was already easy to ride and did very well in competitions. When he was 8 years old, we qualified to ride Z dressage (3rd level), but we stopped with the competitions because of my pregnancy..... and 15 months after my son's birth, I was pregnant with our second baby. I did ride Tjalle until i was 7 months pregnant because he is a very safe horse. Most of the time we do flying changes in the middle of a crossed line. He can change 3 times at a row.

I ride on the beach now and then with Tjalle, and sometimes we drive him, pulling a fancy carriage. He enjoys the variety! He pulled our carriage on my wedding day (see photo)!

Tjalle qualified for the Dutch Championships in Kootwijk three times in a row!! His results were:

L1 3rd place.

L2 4th place

M1 7th place

Hoofddorp best Friesian mover 2nd place of 80 horses!

I also rode in a dressage quadrille {show team} with 3 other friesian horses (see photo above).

I have had a really good time with Tjalle and I will never forget him! He really is the best horse I have ever had! It will be very quiet in our stable when he is gone, because every time that I walk into the stables, or he hears my footsteps, he greets me! (he whinnies at me)

In short, Tjalle wants to work for you. He is 100% safe, and a very happy horse....always asking for something to eat. He has been my best friend, and he will be yours, as well. I have very mixed emotions in selling him! But I know that a horse like Tjalle will have another good friend soon, and hopefully they will have more time than i do to spend with him. I wish Tjalle and his new owner all the best!"

** *DVD available!! Please send your check for $35 to the address listed on our "contact us" page if you would like us to send you a long DVD of this 3rd level dressage Friesian***

FLASH::::The last time Tjalle competed was four weeks ago, and he won First Place not once, but TWICE!!! First 4 pictures above are from a quadrille last weekend [Memorial weekend].

And the pictures of Tjalle on the beach with his young 17 yr old rider were taken on Jun 1, 2008.

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