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Z Horse


Thomas 327
Friesian Sire


Nykle 309
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

BSF is VERY proud to present this exceptionally talented 3rd level dresage 8 yr old Friesian gelding.

Registered as Cornelis Z [and nicknamed "Z Horse" by us, since his registered named ends with a Z, and he IS Z level:)] is a fantastic upper level dressage schoolmaster that is CURRENTLY competing and winning---in fact on Mar 29, 2008, with his young rider, Nynke, he finished FIRST PLACE in Z level (3rd Level) with a total score of 222 points ( outstanding!!!!).

This friesian gelding is a horse of a lifetime that can take you all the way. His elastic balanced gaits make it certain that a successful future at FEI will be no coincidence. This eight year old has comfortable gaits, trailers, bathes and stands well for the farrier and has no vices. He is showing third level dressage, and coming out on top! The Z Horse is an exceptional choice for the serious amateur or timid rider wannting to learn from a pro.

This really is a lovely dressage sport horse. He is a wonderful horse to work with, accepts everybody on his back, even children in the saddle---check out the photo of the 11 yr old on the Z Horse! After winning this past weekend with 222 points, which is 2 winning points in one test, he has a total of 6 winning points in Z1.

And again: this is a very uncomplicated horse!! Cornelis is very friendly.

For those of you looking for an upper level friesian for dressage....Yes , here is a FRIESIAN beating warmbloods in 3rd level dressage, with winning points to PROVE that he is scoring above 60%:)

For you professionals--- we think with a good rider, the Z Horse could do even better! The sky is the limit for this good thinking, talented boy. His disposition is very nice, he's good in traffic, not spooky on trails, and of course easy going enough for a (VERY) timid rider. He's perfect for most aspiring dressage riders because he can help teach YOU dressage, AND he has even more potential with an ambitious good rider.

Loads of knee and hock articulation-Elegant Mover- Fabulous canter!

Very uphill conformation

A lot of talent and personality and good-rays available.

Everybody can ride the Z horse. He is very sweet and nice to work with on the ground, and has an exceptionally good mind.

And this boy has been owned and loved by the same family for a long time, so he has been well cared for. He has gone to the equine dentist EVERY year, and is up to date on vaccinations, and just got a set of new shoes.

Depicted above is Johan Hamminga instructing the Z Horse and his young rider, in Ermelo.

Registered as Cornelis Z (in the Frisian language, they call him Knilles )

Birthdate 6/4/2000

Good x rays available for review with your vet.

In-Breeding only 3.71%

166 cm tall

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