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Wiebe BSF


wander 352
Friesian Sire


Horse Description


Wiebe is a spectacular young friesian stallion out of an Oege Pref STER mare that we sold a couple years ago, Madonna Esley STER, whose Grandmother is the famous Wellie Ster+Pref+Prest. This young man is sired by the extremely popular LONG Haired Wander 352, and his pedigree has no less than 19 generations of Ster or better on it!!!

Wiebe has an excellent pedigree with lots of Star mares in his motherline!!!

Wiebe was born on 7/16/07, and earned a 2nd premie at the keuring. He has a very low 2.34% in-breeding.

If you are looking for an absolutely top shelf colt, here he is.

We are very proud to offer this top quality stud with extremely long legs, a short coupled back and a beautiful swan-like neck. His face is chiseled and very striking. He is curious, affectionate, and has a cooperative personality.The thing we like the best about Wiebe is his incredible movement! He literally floats above the ground with a lightness that is truly amazing! His long legs produce a stride with fantastic natural suspension and his extremely active hind end gives him enormous natural propulsion. Dressage riders take note: this is a friesian stallion to get EXCITED about!!

This is a tall stallion that will have the movement, conformation and the mind to excel to impressive levels in the dressage arena, and of course, has the potential to be an APPROVED breeding stallion!!

Reg # 200705453

B-day 7-16-07

In Breeding 2.34%


He stems from stam line 201, a relatively new line!

Wiebe is already doing flying lead changes in the pasture with the other colts, come to our Sonoma ranch and check him out!

We are betting you won't be able to take your eyes off of him.

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