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Fetse 349
Friesian Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

We are ALWAYS looking for PROVEN dressage horses....

Well, here is a rare find!! BSF is proud to offer a bombproof 9 yr old gelding with a PROVEN dressage show record, competing at 2nd level!!! REASONABLY priced:) CLEAN X-rays. Appropriate for a nervous or novice rider.

Spumanti's combination number is 4656341W and he last competed at M level in July, 2007, in Europe. That is right, folks, he HAS to consistently score above 60% in order to achieve points, and has moved up from Training Level, to First Level, and now is competing at Second level (M level in Europe)!!!

It doesn't stop there, Spumanti has been shown SIDE SADDLE by his owner that has had him since he was 1 yr old, AND her daughter, age 7!!!! Under saddle, Spumanti is very impressive, and EASY to sit-----ride him bareback??? NO PROBLEM. Spumanti is confident in his strides and demonstrates his knowledge to his rider. You can tell this boy likes to show off his stuff and he seems to know he garners the attention of those watching him. Spumanti is controlled and focused in responding to his rider in a very disciplined manner. We recognized that this experienced, "seasoned" dressage schoolmaster would make an excellent dream Friesian for those needing a true steady eddy, and we immediately bought him.

We also enjoyed driving Spumanti---he is an awesone driving horse!!!! There is no doubt, Spumanti is a VERY special friesian, whether being driven, OR under saddle!

Spumanti (registered as Wyppe) is a 9 yr old gelding who is a DREAM under saddle, listening and following the riders every cue, and he has the so very sought after SHOW experience. He has 3 VERY good gaits, and tracks up very well. We can't say enough good things about this horse, he is a very good thinking, well trained to ride AND drive boy, with a current pre-purchase and CLEAN x-rays. Spumanti has been busy accumulating a proven show record in Europe, and has been thoroughly enjoyed by a mom and her 7 yr old daughter.


If you have been looking for an EXPERIENCED, mature , proven dressage horse showing at 2nd level, or above, with clean x-rays, and appropriate for a small child or novice adult, Spumanti is your man.

Fetse X Aiso

reg # 199930041

Registered as Wyppe van de Zwarte Parel

163 cm [16 hands tall]

Pre-purchase & X-rays available for review with your vet, done Feb 5, 2008

Dressage Combination Number 4656341W


B-Day May 21, 1999


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