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Kalypso STER


Ielke 382
Friesian Sire


Bonne 341
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands


Check out the reach and natural extension in his video on YouTube:


He is an Ielke x Bonne.

Full Pedigree, crowned a STER Stallion, and is now a STER gelding.

166 cm tall [OVER 16.1 hands!!!]

Kalpso went to the Eurobottle Cup and made it to the finals. Just to show you how willing and easy Kalypso is, he had been under saddle only two weeks when he went to his first competition for the Euro bottle selections!!! The Eurobottle is a competition in Holland for young dressage horses, and only the BEST of the BEST make it to the Final round.
This ster stallion has a very good canter. His canter is very smooth and uphill. This is a horse with a good gear box!!! Talk about a nice extension in his gaits---check out how far he can reach in the trot:) Kalypso has a very proud presentation, and is very willing to work. We love his very long upright neck. His withers are 4 inches higher than his butt, so he is built very uphill.

This is a very talented dressage horse!

This beautiful Friesian is really stunning, so elegant, animated, wonderful natural self carriage, and movement that can only be described as “out of this world.” Obviously the Dutch Judges thought so, too, he made it to the 2nd round of the stallion keuring last year!

Registered as Minne fan Hickeard Star

Birthday: Apriil 21, 2004

In-breeding: 3.52%

Stam Line 38

Kalypso comes out of the same line line as the approved stallions Tsjerk and Djurre, Ludse and Doede. The last mare in his motherline is Wijkje, she is the mother of the approved and very succesful approved stallions, Tsjerk and Djurre. Wijkje had (besides these 2 approved stallions) 3 daughters who became Model and six other daughters who made star. One of her Model daughters, Jelkje 6018 Model ,is Kalypso's great grandmother! Jelkje Model was very famous as showhorse in the years 1982, 1983 and 1984 . She won, together with her sister Metsje Model, the National Championship three years in a row, in front of the Friesian Sjees. Jelkje Model also was crowned the Single Horse Driving National Championship title in 1983 and became Breeding Mare’s Champion in 1986.

Jelkje Model's son, Kalypso, has a disposition that we rate as a ten!!!! Kalypso is super gentle, easy to handle, loves attention, stands quietly for the farrier and vet; he is well a mannered, and has a nice character. Kalypso is very much an ideal partner for the ambitious dressage rider wanting a Friesian that can give those warmbloods a run for their money. To top it all off, look at Kalypso's gorgeous, jet black coat, and long thick mane.!!!!! Wow!!!!

He is someone’s “ dream horse” whether
for upper level competition or that “special companion for life” to ride on trails, or thru the woods, just “your best friend.”

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