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Fetse 349
Friesian Sire


Leffert 306
Friesian Dam's Sire

In Foal To Beart 411

Friesian Mare In Foal To

Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

This pregnant ster mare is extraordinary!! She is sired by Fetse, a Friesian stallion by the now deceased Preferent Feitse 293 who was a VERY popular Approved stallion in Europe. Fetse produces tall offspring and now has 4 approved sons!! Whitney's dam's sire is the now Preferent and one of a kind, Leffert. Leffert also has sired 4 approved sons and Leffert is known for producing proud looking, beautiful offspring.

Whitney is NOT a short and squaty, fresh out of the pasture, barefoot and pregnant kind of mare. Rather, this 163 cm imported STER mare is TALL and elegant, with long lines:) She measures just under 16.0 Hands.

Not that many mares are deep blue-black in color, but Whitney IS! She is a very elegant friesian ster mare with a lot of front, chiseled head with nice length of mane, and excellent conformation. The bonus is....

she is in foal to FPS stallion Beart 411 who was just crowned Reserve World Grand Champion at the stallion show! Beart is also the top performer according to the number of 1st premie foals that he sired in 2007. He sired 33 first premie foals in 2007!

Beart is a young son sired by our absolute FAVORITE living stallion in the world, Jasper 366, and Beart's dam is sired by Feitse. Beart is 166 cm, so Whitney's foal is sure to be TALL ! Beart's stam line is the GOLD STANDARD, Stam line: 50 (generation 11).

Beart's offspring scores under saddle in the 2008 Offspring Report are by far the best in the world. Walk 109, Trot 109, Canter 110, Riding Test 108. Whitney's baby is sure to be UNBELIEVABLE.

We had her ultra sounded and she is due Jun 22nd:)

Beart was also the former World Grand Champion, over ALL other Approved stallions, in 2006! He is an outstanding young Friesian stallion sired by 2002 World Champion Jasper, by a Feitse Preferent Mare who had 8 foals - all Star.

Whitney stems from the very new stam line 221, 5th generation, and sports a pedigree smack FULL of STER predicates, and her motherline is very strong: STER-Stb-STER-STER.

We love the character on this ster mare. She is super sweet, intelligent and an honest mare. She gets along well in a pasture with others---social towards the other horses, but behaves like a puppy dog to humans, and loves to get attention:)

Whitney is very easy to handle and work around. We pleasure/trail ride her 4 days per week! Of course her movement is spectacular, or she would not have made STER. We love her excellent forward going movement, good knee action, and perfect use of the hind quarters; she is a a very well balanced pregnant mare. This beautiful ster mare is really stunning, so elegant, animated, natural self carriage, and movement out of this world! Just look at her videos and her photos, see for yourself.

Whitney is built up hill and she moves that way; Whitney has terrific impulsion, very deep hocks carried well up under herself when she moves; you can see her amazing suspension, she absolutely floats over the ground! This is a friesian mare that has excellent extension at the trot. Whitney has a perfect walk, and ideal three beat canter, so smooth and easy to sit! She really has ideal conformation, lovely long neck,
pretty head, big eyes, short back, well developed strong
hindquarters and very correct legs. And she passes all
this on to her offspring.

Her disposition is OUTSTANDING!!!! Super gentle, easy to handle, loves attention, stands quietly for the farrier and vet; she is such a good girl. To top it all off, look at that gorgeous flashy charisma she exudes!!!!! Wow!!!! She is someone’s “ dream horse” whether for breeding, for dressage, or that “special companion for life” to ride on trails, or thru the woods, or just to be “your best friend".

And you can't beat the price on this pregnant STER mare....

In foal to World Champion Beart, excellent looks, perfect character, Whitney is an excellent breeding mare, that is also very nice under saddle!

It is hard to find pregnant ster mares that are also a super age, like Whitney, and well trained riding horses that can be used for dressage, recreational/pleasure/trail riding, and of course for breeding. Whitney has had one foal previously and she is a proven perfect mother!

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