Maaike Ytje STER - SOLD

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Maaike Ytje STER


Folkert 353
Friesian Sire


Liekele 364
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 15.3 hands

Maaike Ytje is a REALLY nice STER mare with great movement.

This past summer she became Ster. She has been in professional training for the last 10 months for riding and driving.  AND not only did this talented long legged gal become STER, a designation only awarded to the TOP 10% of all mares, she also was selected to compete at the highly coveted Eurobottle competition, which recognizes very talented young dressage horses. 

Maaike competed on Dec 16 in Europe, and is now headed to America with her winnings.
This is a very sweet mare with an excellent character, and a superb willingness to work.

Maaike is a very sweet, well mannered mare. She has huge ground covering strides, a PROVEN winning show record already at Training Level as a 3yr old and is very sweet, gentle and great to work with. Her gaits are smooth and wonderful to ride, she is very forward moving- responding to the leg. She has that same "look at me" presence as her World Grand Champion sire, Folkert!! Maaike is double trained-for dressage and carriage driving, and she likes long leisurely trail rides.  She has a beautiful face; long swan neck, full feathering, long FULL volumous tail, and best of all, a  lovely character. She is  sweet, has a super willingness to work, a good motherline that is likely to become full, and is ALREADY a STER both at the keuring, AND in dressage competition!

This is a ster mare with the kind of conformation I like: long legged, swan neck, more sporthorse like, not a clunky heavy mare. She was selected for the highly coveted Eurobottlecup finals, and gave the "boys" a run for their money! She has not been bred, as she is concentrating on wiping out the competition in dressage, but she offers a SUPERB pedigree and would be an EXCELLENT addition to any breeding program! Her motherline is excellent: Stb-STER-STER-STER+PREF and this wonderful mare has more than 20  STER, Preferent, Model, or better  predicates listed on her pedigree----WOOOOW!! 

Maaike STER is a mare you can enjoy for sport, breeding, and pleasure. She has much more training and experience  than most mares her age---Maaike STER is a winner!!!

B-Day 5/5/04
In Breeding 4.3%
161 cm and still growing
Thorough Pre-Purchase completed on Dec 3rd, 2007
Received a "7.5" for breed type on her linear score sheet

Don't miss out on this great STER mare!!

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