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Jasper 366
Friesian Sire


Oege 267 PREF

Horse Description


We are always looking for young friesians in the Netherlands, that have the promise to be real STARS in sport, and will add something special to a top notch breeding program. We think we found just that in this INCREDIBLE full pedigree imported friesian filly!!!!

This is a WOW little girl... Jasper x Oege... a very nice filly. Because of some cirumstances this past summer, she did not go to the keuring. She has been registered through dna testing, and is already microchipped.

We went to the stable where our World And National Champion Dressage ster stallion, Ate fan Bartlhiem, came from, and looked for offspring which have that "something Special". All the horses from Stal Bartlhiem come from the same family, they all stem from one mare that their family started with.

Maya has a pedigree that is textbook: Jasper x Oege Pref. Her  mother is STER and full pedigree [this filly is the closest relative to our champion, Ate (see more photos of Ate under "Our Horses" page) .... Maya's mother is a half-sister of the multi titled Ate.] Ate is our BEST friesian sport horse EVER, and he, too, is a Jasper X Oege Pref!!!! And Jip, the much talked about new boy on the block, with the midas touch--winning everything he touches, displaying gravity defying movement,  is ALSO sired by World Champion, Jasper!!!

It is not easy to find INCREDIBLE full pedigree fillies in europe these days, Maya is a GOOD ONE. Her mother [and half sister to our ster stallion, Ate] is STER, her grand mother is STER+PREF, Gr Grandmother is STER, and Gr Gr Grandmother is Preferent. In total, this exceptional moving filly has 19 generations of STER or better on her pedigree, indicating the high quality of her breeding!!! 

She has a very low in breeding of 1.56% , and her birthdate is 5/17/07.  Maya is registered as "Welmoed fan Bartlehiem". She is a 9th generation stam line 47 filly, coming from the SAME line as the approved stallion, Romke.

Pictured above are photos of our other Jasper X Oege offspring, Ate fan Bartlhiem, from this same line, and fresh from winning a world and national chamonship with Janna at the Friesian World Championships in St Louis. Maya's sire, Jasper, was recently  awarded the SPORT predicate, another indication of this line's ability to PERFORM, not just look good. And of course Oege Pref is well known for passing on that HAIR gene. We think having Oege Pref as the dam's sire is a key to success in the show ring, as our  own personal show horses, Black Sterling, Stormy Seas [shown as Ronald] and Ate, ALL have Oege Pref as their dam's sire!!!!

Maya HAS JUST ARRIVED FROM EUROPE, and this very rare, hard to find, imported full papered Jasper X Oege Pref filly will likely not last.

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