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Monte 378
Friesian Sire


Nykle 309
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description


Laurant is a very RARE, hard to find , 1st premie Imported Stud Colt!!!

He  is sired by the top scoring 3rd level dressage Approved stallion in Europe, Monte . Monte has an outstanding walk---- a big necessity if you want a good scoring dressage horse, AND is permanently approved following offspring evaluations. Nykle, Lauant's's dam's sire, is a tremendous asset to the breed--and is known for passing on HEIGHT and movement. 
Laurant is a beautiful mover.

BSF's is proud to offer this outstanding 1st premie stallion.

He is VERY sweet and sociable. He received a 1st premie in Holland at his foal keuring, for a reason.... you know the judges liked his movement and conformation and thought he was quite simply---top notch (ONLY the tippy top 3-5 % of all foals receive this highly coveted status!!!) It's quite difficult to get a 1st premie in Holland, as there is a lot of competition, and it is even harder to BUY a 1st premie collt and import him.

We get a lot of questions from people that want to make sure they are getting a JET BLACK friesian. Note, right now many friesian foals in Holland are sometimes sun bleached to a brownish color due to playing outdoors in the sun all day, AND they are born that way. They will be black after they lose their foal coat, and most already are, due to their true black coats coming in. All of our weanlings are truly BLACK in color, if they appear brown, it is just due to them sun-bathing a bit:)

Will Laurant be tall? Absolutely!!  His 1st premie  daddy, Monte, reaches well over 16 1/2 hands!

Laurant is a top quality 1st premie stud colt by Monte, a Teunis Son, and out of a Nykle mare. This  line produces great hair and so many other wonderful traits which will give him the fairytale stallion appearance. Laurant has elegance and luxury with a spectacular head. Elegant movement and presence with an excellent pedigree, making him a great young friesian stallion!

He has a wonderful personality - very sweet!

Registered as Wobke van de Dollen
Born 11th of April ,2007
Motherline: ster--ster-stamboek-ster
Monte x Nykle
1st premie

LOW 1.17% in breeding

Laurant is a real dancer and is very beautiful with great movement. He has the looks of his charismatic father , Monte. 

 He is a very beautiful imported 1st premie stud colt with FANTASTIC movement!!


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