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Time 398
Friesian Sire


Lammert 260
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

BSF is VERY proud to offer Moschino, a handsome IMPORTED stallion (Time 398 x Lammert 260), born in 2003.

Moschino has everything we look for in a friesian. He has all those "Fairtytale" features with tons of hair and feathers, personality & MOVEMENT!!
He also has the breeding that makes him an excellent candidate to take for Approval in the US,  and is similar in many ways to the stallion we recently sold, Harold, who was chosen as provisionally approved last month and will be doing the 70 day test [although we understnd the US stallion test will be shorter than 70 days:) ].

Moschino sports full papers: STER-STER-STER-STER+PREF and a very low inbreeding coefficient of 2.15%. He is a real sweetheart. Loves people, and wants to be around them all the time:)

He is trained to ride and drive and is showing tremendous potential as an upper level  dressage prospect.  Frederieke Van der Marel from holland, who works with Ken Vanderkooi, has had Moschino in training for the past year. 

Moschino's temperment is absolutely wonderful, no stallion vices whatsoever! He has been cross tied  right next to mares, he has very good manners, and he doesn't seem to KNOW he is a stallion:)

 This boy clips, baths, loads, all the usual good behaviour. As you can see, he has TONS of hair everywhere!! He is definately a "Fairytale Friesian" and combined with his personality (huge ham)'s a winning combination.

He stands about 16.1 hands tall and is still growing.

AND Moschino has an excellent pre-purchase exam, clean x-rays, and GOOD semen. What more could you ask for in an imported, TALL, JET BLACK, 1st premie Friesian stallion?!?

This young stallion already has a long mane, for his age, and you know in two years he will have EXTREMELY long hair!

Here is an  easy to handle and ride friesian stallion at a REASONABLE price, he is still growing, and will become a very impressive stallion with a super pedigree. We know Moschino is a promising future sport horse.

Moschino is truly a very special stallion : Time x Lammert.  

He is quite simply, BREATHTAKING. A fairytale come true, you will be immediately awed by his unbelievable long wavy hair, and stature...this stallion KNOWs he is the cat's meow!  Moschino is sensitive and responsive, yet kind and gentle.  

Moschino is a spectacular fairytale Friesian stallion that is an excellent approved stallion candidate-as he has a FULL pedigree, with unbroken STER predicates in his motherline.

TRY HIM FOR APPROVAL in the U.S.!! Or use him for cross breeding, or enjoy him as a dressage/pleasure/trail horse.

Registered as Jesse van rijnwoude
Birthdate 4/30/2003
1st Premie
2.18% in breeding

Come check out Moschino for yourself, he has JUST ARRIVED and  is located at our San Francisco Stable:)


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