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Sjaard 320
Friesian Sire


Oege 267 PREF

Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

MERLOT is a Sjaard X Oege Pref [THE APPROVED STALLION BETTER KNOWN AS THE HAIR MAN] and she recently had a foal by Arjen, who just won the Dutch National Championship in 4th level dressage. What we really like about Merlot is not ONLY that she is an incredible full pedigree STER mare with a history of producing wonderful foals---(she has had 3 foals previously) is easy to get pregnant, and has easy deliveries, but also that she is excellent both riding and driving, and has a very sweet, kind temperament. She is over 16 hands tall, and motherline is exceptional: STER-STER-MODEL-MODEL+PREF.

We sold her pairs driving partner, Waeltsje, to a customer and her daughter, back east, several months ago.

This is a VERY nice full papered tall ster mare, well trained for riding and driving, comes with a breeding.

Merlot is from our own private collection..she is an OUTSTANDING 9 year old full papered 2nd premie ster mare with a super paper behind her. She stands proud at 164cm –just a hair under 16.1 hands and is from stam 19. She is sired by Sjaard 320 x Oege 267 Pref x Wessel Pref, and her full mare line includes the famous Landsdochter.

Merlot just went ster this year with strong movement, and her foal born Feb 17th sired by the incredible Erik son, Arjen 417, is testament to what an outstanding PRODUCER Merlot is, as well! Merlot's foal sold when he was only 5 days old..... which goes to show her foals are in demand. and EASY to sell.

Merlot comes from Stam 19 is a very fertile mare line, and is the stam of famous Obscurant 150 Pref, and most recently produced the breeding stallions Dirk 298, Piter 312, and Tonke 391. Merlot is trained to ride and drive, both singles and pairs, and is wonderful to work with; great personality. In the pictures: Merlot is on the right when looking at the pairs driving pictures. Merlot's registered name is Willemke R.

Check out the photos and videoclips of Merlot being ridden AND driven, what a NICE SWEET mare...she is almost 10 months pregnant in these photos, and still going strong. We do not know very many STER mares that are this nice under saddle, AND have wonderful pedigrees, and are incredible proven producers:) Merlot is a rarity, indeed.

The bonus is ..Merlot is sold with a breeding to the only Approved stallion in the world showing Grand Prix level dressage, Tietse!!! This is a fantastic deal---a terrific 2 for 1 value on an exceptionally nice, well bred ster mare whose foals are worth nearly 1/2 her purchase price!!!! 

Merlot is a VERY special STER mare…She is by the famous Approved stallion, Sjaard, an excellent Friesian stallion who produces an average of 25% STER mares.

This wonderful STER mare has a beautiful head, and a strong willingness to work. Merlot has been ridden dressage and driven both single and in pairs. Merlot exhibits huge, beautiful movement, yet as you can see in one photo, can easily be ridden by a child. Being shorter coupled, this mare is very light, powerful and elegant. And, she has a delightful stable temperament. Merlot promises both competitive success and superb babies. You can’t beat the pedigree on this STER mare by Sjaard and out of a STER mare sired by Oege Pref, an approved stallion by the legendary and friesian history maker, Wessel- Preferent.
Merlot is a fantastic first class STER mare, a title only bestowed on the top 10-15% of mares exhibiting outstanding conformation and movement. She has a lot of experience being ridden in all kinds of settings, and she is a PROVEN good mother, as she had an outstanding foals previously----- 4 foals, 2 stallions+ 2 fillies (she just had her 4th foal--a gorgeous stallion, on Feb 17th, 2008!).

Merlot is not only an outstanding STER mare herself, she is PRODUCING quality Friesian foals!

Don't miss this chance to buy a RARE full pedigree imported STER mare that comes with a breeding and is a great 2 for 1 buy for only $29,900!!!!!

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