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Jack Daniels


Teunis 332
Friesian Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

WOW! My heart skipped a beat when i first met Jack Daniels...

I mean, DOUBLE WOW!!!

Floating trot....long LONG hair reaching the ground.
You'll find much more than you can imagine, all in one package.

Jack Daniels has had quite a show career competing in Germany! He was: FN eingetragen unter Name : JACK DANIELS 41, A + L Dressur gewonnen M Dressur platziert 2006 , What a tall LONG haired true fairytale boy, standing 168.5 cm…

This is what his current dressage trainer has to say about Jack:

"This gelding really improves every day! I think in two more weeks, he will do every flying change clean, AND even will do tempi changes! Jack Daniels is really clever.... he is willing to please...nice head carriage, and very easy in the simple changes....and light in the hand!"

"Character Flows From Within".... Jack Daniels represents the perfect mix of dressage PROVEN ability and talent, with a very willing disposition. You'll find much more than whiskey, with this Jack Daniels.

Impeccable half pass at the trot and canter, shoulders in, walk piroettes, flying changes confirmed and working on tempi changes, working canter piroettes, simple lead changes, and of course great extensions and collections.... Jack does it all.

Showing 3rd level in Germany, there are no other friesians on the market ANYWHERE, with Jack's looks [mane is more than 50 cm lONG!], dispsition, and proven show record, with confirmed flying changes.

This is a GREAT horse for a timid or beginning dressage rider rider wanting a safe, sane, EASY to sit schoolmaster, to learn on. You can RELAX when riding JD, and just concentrate on learning dressage. He is such a nice boy, NEVER spooky, VERY willing, and although tall, he is VERY easy to sit and has one of the BEST canters we have EVER seen!!! His canter is not "BIG", which scares many beginning dressage riders. It is perfectly balanced and as smooth as silk to the rider.

Incredible movement! Smooth, easy to ride gaits with excellent trainability and a very sweet and friendly personality. Jack has great knee and hock articulation and a fantastic canter!

Good X-rays available for review with your vet.

He is easy to load and trailer, clip and bath, good for farrier. This is a VERY talented upper level Dressage Schoolmaster, appropriate for even a novice rider, due to his willing nature.

This Teunis X Melle son has a pedigree that many prominent dressage champions have succeeded from. Jack Daniels is an exceptional choice for a timid or novice dressage rider looking for a proven dressage schoolmaster that can help teach YOU dressage.

Jack Daniels is a one of a kind DREAM horse, with looks to DIE for, and a proven winning dressage show record in 3rd level dressage.

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