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Tsjerk 328
Friesian Sire


Teunis 332
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description


Montego ALSO comes from mare line 8, thus three of our incredible four 1st premium colts imported from Europe this season have all been out of the same stam line (that says something about this mare line)!!! Montego's a young one, born May 29 this year, so he’s still a little boy if you compare him with the other colts, but he is MIGHTY:)

 And he will certainly be jet black, after he sheds out his baby brown fur....


He has a very low 2.15% in-breeding. This is a great stallion that will become an OUTSTANDING sporthorse!  

We are proud to have found and imported this exceptional 1st premie stud colt! Montego is likely to be very tall from the looks of his LONG legs, which go on forever.... He has super cadence and elasticity with those extremely long legs, a short coupled back, and a beautiful swan-like upright neck. His face is chiseled, reflecting his curious, and affectionate nature.

The most amazing thing about Montego is his incredible movement! Even the Dutch Judges agreed, this boy is PHENOMENAL and ranks in the tippy top 5% of ALL foals!!!! He literally floats above the ground with a lightness that is pure beauty in motion, check out his videoclip!

His extremely active hind end gives him enormous natural propulsion. Dressage riders will LOVE this 1st premie imported colt!! This is a stud colt that will have the movement, conformation and the mind to excel to upper levels in the dressage arena.

We are quite excited and proud to be offering such an outstanding 1st premie stud colt, sired by Tsjerk--who is KNOWN for passing on such phenomenal movement, and dam's sire is the no longer living Teunis, who gave him his height and great mind.

A 1st premie colt, imported from Europe????? A colt chosen by the Dutch Judges as being in the tippy top 3-5 % of ALL weanlings???
Montego is the BEST of the BEST
, and clearly walked away, no, TROTTED away with the 1st premie title. It really is not all that surprising, when you consider the pedigree of this exceptional HIGH quality 1st premie colt... Montego is from the same line that produced the approved stallion, Sierk.

1st Premie colts are HARD TO FIND!!!!

Montego has JUST ARRIVED FROM EUROPE, and comes with a thorough pre-purchase exam, as well:)


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