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Here is one of the NICEST horses BSF has EVER offered!!! Approved stallion material. Heck, his FULL BROTHER was the Approved stallion, Tieme, who was well respected, that is, before he died. Not only that, Azul is a SON of the GREAT Oege-Pref, his mother's sire is the no longer living Fokke. Talk about very nice stallion too look at...... Loads of personality!
Azul has a very good character and willingness to work for you, this is definitely not a lazy dressage horse!!!!!!! He is a joy to work with, he is very clever, one smart stallion! All dressage movements from Z 1 [3rd level] are no problem for him: shoulder in
haunches in
half pass
rein back
simple changes
turn around the haunches
medium and extended trot and canter
counter canter..........
Azul was X -rayed 2 times for the stallion keuring and 100 % sound! His semen is GOOD, too!! And of course we just x-rayed him completely again, before buying him, and x-rays are available for review with your own veterinarian.
This is an exceptinal RARE Oege-Pref son, an 8 year old Friesian stallion [one of Oege's very last sons] that is competing, and has 11 WINNING points in Z1 dressage. His pedigree couldn't be any is TEXTBOOK: STER+PREF-MODEL-STER+PREF-STER+PREF...what more could you ask for???Oh yea, in-breeding is a LOW 1.56%
This is a dressage stallion with true FEI potential.
And try him for Approval in the US, or WE WILL!! Azul's temperment is excellent and he is very quiet. He is currently stabled between mares, which is no problem for Azul! Azul is also trained to drive, although he has primarily been used for dressage competitions, exhibitions, and parades in the last 4 years.
We can tell this horse has had just one owner his entire life. He is SUCH A HONEY!!
This is a RARE son of our favorite all time approved stallion, Oege-Pref, and what a wonderful, sweet, one of a kind personality he has--no stallion manners whatsoever. If you take a deep look into his dark majestic eyes, you wiill fall in love with him, and he with you. Come see and ride him at our San Francisco Stable.
Reg #199730911

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