Watse fan it Ychtenfaen - SOLD

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Watse fan it Ychtenfaen


Brandus 345
Friesian Sire


Melle 311
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.3 hands

Here is one of the new SPECIAL horses we found in Holland, and a REAL TREASURE!!!  He is at the IDEAL age of 8, and a STER gelding, ranking in the tippy TOP as judged at the keuring for his exceptional conformation and movement.

 Watse is the CHAMPION  Carriage Driving Horse of Holland--and if you take a look at his movement--it is easy to see WHY. In Holland, his list of wins in lengthy.....He won the dutch open and friesian open and the silver whip!

 He is also a very talented dressage horse, with points in L2 dressage [1st level]!! Talk about multi tasking...winning driving championships AND winning points in L2 dressage. What more could you ask for? Oh yea, did we mention, Watse is also STER??

Watse is the Dutch champion for carriage driving and he is L2 dressage. He is about as bomproof as they come and always wants to work!

This boy can flat MOVE!! Check out the photos of him trotting under saddle:)
He is also a fairytale horse, with an unbelievable tall stature--very IMPRESSIVE build. Watse is a "honey", an in your pocket kind of horse.  He is very easy to handle, and it is hard to take your eyes OR hands off of him.....he is really an incredible specimen.

Watse will adapt to a novice, but he is sooooo special, he was shown in carriage driving all year, and then taken out on a trail ride [see photos] last weekend, and was perfectly behaved under saddle.  We know ambitious show riders will like him, he has the potential to go ALL THE WAY, and he likes to learn!
Tall, jet-black, shiny coat, HANDSOME, and he has the looks of a WOW horse coming right out of a dream....this horse will awe the crowds at parades, in exhibitions, and we want to show him under saddle ourselves!

He is a proven winner, both riding AND driving!!

This one isn't cheap, BUT HE IS WORTH IT!

 B-day 5/28/99

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