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Swier Z


Teunis 332
Friesian Sire


Horse Description

Height: 15.3 hands

Swier is a very nice horse to work with. He's ready for L2 dressage and already knows a lot of the exercises of M level dressage [2nd level]. He has a very nice front, long mane and a thick tail. He really wants to work for you and anyone can ride him. So in short: he's a perfect horse to take part in competitions, or take out on a trail ride.

Swier Z is a gelding with the presence of a stallion! He is a true show stopper and everybody loves him! His long flowing mane and super topline, underline his fairytale appearance. He is training second level dressage, and has been driven as well!

 Swier Z is in his element when he is on a trail ride. He simply loves the wide outdoors. And he is what his trainer calls a "bombproof" gelding. This is a hard to find 10 yr old very experienced well trained gelding that is a diligent worker, happily forward, moving easily off your leg, and easy to control. Swier Z is laid back enough to be VERY tolerant of novice and timid riders that lose their balance easily or don't have a strong seat, we have never seen him spook or take off.

Swier Z also has an impressive pedigree: he is sired by the tall and highly thought of,  and no longer living, Teunis, who died TOO early! His dam is by the HAIR MAN, the so sought after legendary Preferent stallion Oege, which is where he gets his HAIR gene! Swier Z is a wonderful, gentle, kind, giving 10 yr old Friesian combining the height, looks and gentle disposition of his sire Teunis, with the HAIR of his dam's sire Oege-Pref.

Swier Z is truly a storybook Friesian with a very affectionate personality, and is a delight to ride AND drive! It is not often we find 10 yr old geldings like him.


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