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Jens fan de Vries



Nykle 309
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Standing  OVER 16 hands, this gorgeous long haired boy will take your breath away!  Destined for greatness in the dressage ring, and used as a mounted police horse in Belgium, not only does Jens possess beautiful movement, but outstanding conformation and a GREAT MIND, as well.Jens has the most personality we've ever seen in a horse.  (We think there's a person trapped inside him!)  He was started with a slow, correct foundation in dressage, and he has gone all over in Europe, performing exhibitions with the Royal troop. Let Jens steal your heart and be your next equine partner!  He is a very honest horse and really willing to work. Perfect ground manners (OF COURSE, how else could he perform in a group of many other horses, performing intricate patterns in the public's eye) and he has lots of expression! Jens will be a real eye catcher at the shows! He has been very well trained by a professional,  but is easy to ride for an amateur.
This friesian gelding is a very easy to ride and very reasonably priced friesian, for a horse with his kind of experience, and a clean set of x-rays available for review with your vet.  Jens [pronounced "Yens"] is easy to sit and truly a remarkable amateur's dressage  or TRAIL or pleasure horse, with a super character. He is sweet and proven to be bombproof in many many different settings, as a police horse.

He has a very good walk, a nice trot with a lovely bounce, and rhythm and cadense (very comfortable to sit!) and an exceptionally good canter. We LOVE Jens because he is easy to ride and very forgiving. If you are looking for an EXTREMELY handsome friesian gelding, nicely priced, and already thoroughly vetted and x-rayed, Jens is a great one for you, with RARE experience as a royal police horse:).

He is great to handle, loves all attention and is a pleasure to ride, day after day.

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