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BSF is very proud to present Frederik, a 1st premie son of the Approved stallion, Fabe. Frederik is an AWESOME looking tall friesian stallion, measuring 165 cm [16.1 hands]. He is double trained to both ride AND drive, and is 100% good on x-rays. We imported Frederik as a stallion because he is one heck of a good stallion candidate!!! His full pedigree is EXACTLY what the Dutch Judges are looking for... it is TEXTBOOK:
STER-STER+PREF-MODEL+PREF-STER+PREF. And he has a LOW 1.17% in breeding, making him an excellent choice as a breeding stallion. Frederik's b-day is 3/30/01, and his registered name is Frederik van Oud-Stedma.
If you are looking for a REAL SPECIAL tall storybook looking friesian stallion, Frederik is for you. He has a fancy big and THICK mane and tail. He LIKES to work for you, this is not a lazy boy. And he is equally talented pulling a carriage, as he is as a dressage horse.
Frederik has never been tried for approval, believe it or not, and with his conformation, movement, and one of a kind pedigree, we think this 1st premie boy has an excellent chance to not only become a STER stallion, but also to become an Approved stallion!!!
Frederik is a very flashy Friesian stallion that is an oustanding dressage horse, as well. He has free shoulders, elastic movement and huge scope.
He shows the same athleticism as his father, Fabe. Frederik's dam's sire, Lute, is well known for his superior temperament and willingness to work. You can't beat the pedigree on this boy, His mother is STER, grandmother is STER+PREF, great grandmother is MODEL+Preferent, and Gr Gr Grandmother is STER+PREF!!!! It is easy to see why this boy was a 1st premie. Frederik is one of those RARE friesians that has impeccable dressage capabilities and is truly not only ready for competition, but ALREADY COMPETING, and WINNING!! This is one very nice, beautiful stallion. He is very brave and eager to learn and please his rider. He will excel in any discipline but especially in dressage.
Frederik is ALSO trained to drive as a single, and in pairs. He has no vices, and is 100% sound. Frederik comes with a complete pre-purchase and clean x-rays. Frederik is really a fancy Friesian with one of a kind bloodlines, and the height, look, and movement that make him such an outstanding approved stallion candidate. And he has super long THICK hair, poodle like feathers, incredible cadence and elasticity that makes him ideal as a competitive dressage horse.
Frederik is PROOF that fairytales DO COME TRUE. AND this incredible friesian stallion has just been declared the Dressage Suitability Grand Champion at the competitive Woodside Horse Show!!!!

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