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Gradus 356
Friesian Sire


Feitse 293 PREF
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16 hands

Derk was selected by the Dutch Judges last year for the 70 day test in Drachten, and Derk was only 2.5 years old at the time!!! He did not finish the test because it was too much for this young stallion ! But he DID become a STER stallion, and receive some excellent training under saddle, and pulling a carriage, and very high marks by the Judges.
The FPS changed the rules this year ...and the selected stallions of 2.5 years old can do the test at the end of the year, when they are a bit older. For Derk, it was too late, we had already gelded him:( We gave him a long summer vacation and started with intense dressage training in October. Derk is a very talented dressage horse, sweet and not lazy, he likes to work and he can move VERY WELL (must be, otherwhise he would not have been selected out of almost 400 young stallions, to attend the 70 day test in Drachton!).
Derk is a very good sporthorse and easy to ride, well trained by one of the best Prix St George dressage riders in Holland, and he is now ready for competition.
Trained for riding and driving, easy to handle, nice conformation with a VERY long mane, Derk is the horse everyone is looking for. And he has clean x-rays!
Derk is a true dream Friesian! the Judge's would not have chosen this boy as a provisionally Approved stallion, if he did not have the "goods"!! And for a young gelding, he has a reliable disposition, and is accustomed to having beginners or timid riders on his back. This makes Derk equally suited for a very novice rider AND for more sporty, performance riders, since he is calm and reliable, yet by no means lazy. Derk has big movement that is comfortable to sit, and a stunning, stallion-like appearance with a huge amount of hair.
Derk is on his way from Europe, we have him scheduled to arrive into LA, but if you let us know soon, we could fly him into NY for you, if you prefer.

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