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Watze fan it Jaachpaad S


Olof 315
Friesian Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands
Gorgeous STER gelding that has the so sought after SHOW record. Watze-STER has points in M2 level dressage, comparable to our 3rd level, and is now rready to compete in Z level!!! This means this horse has consistently scored ABOVE 65% and moved up from training level, first level, second level, and now into third level. In Europe, a horse must accrue at least 10 points in each level, before moving to the next, and the only way to get a point is to actually DO what is required of that level, and do it well. Which means, folks, we aren't just SAYING this horse is 3rd level, his points PROVE it!!!
Watze is the kind of horse you can put a novice on, and teach them a canter piroette or walk to canter departure, or half pass. Don't stuggle with green horse-green rider syndrome, Watze has the knowledge base to teach YOU, and he was not once, but TWICE Dressage Champion at Kootwijk!!!
CLEAN x-rays, and the prestiguous STER status, Watze is a first class gelding at an ideal age, suitable for absolutely ANY level of rider due to his willing nature. And lots of experience in new settings, and on hacks or trail rides in new areas. You will LOVE your time in the saddle on Watze...he is the kind of horse people FIGHT over to ride. And with his TALL athletic stallion like presence, and LONG fairytale mane and thick tail, he is a jaw dropper to look at!

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