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Otte 375
Friesian Sire


Tamme 276
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

Hindrik went to Drachten to do the offspring test for Otte and he did very good....he earned almost 70 points in riding and driving!!
Check out the photos of this pretty boy being shown both riding AND driving last weekend...you can see he's a great mover!! Hindrik ended the weekend as Reserve Grand Champion in Harness and scored 65% in dressage! Hindrik is lovely to ride, very easy, with 3 good gaits. He goes out on a trail ride every Sunday, pulling a carriage with an older man.
This last year Hindrik proved himself on the dressage show circuit as a mere 3 yr old, scoring consistently above 65% at the walk, trot and canter . Hindrik is just the SWEETEST boy you can imagine. And he has such a beautiful head and expression!!! In spite of the fact that Hindrik is only 4 yrs old, he is a blast to ride under saddle, and has a solid dressage foundation already, INCLUDING show experience!!! He finds something new to learn, each time we work him, and Hindrik is a QUICK learner. He already goes very well on the bit, scoring well by the Dutch Judges and he loves being ridden outdoors, as well as in the indoor arenas.
Hindrik is a VERY athletic sporthorse. He is in excellent sport condition, and a very easy to handle boy. Hindrik WANTS to please you, he is VERY willing. He would be a wonderful dressage horse for an aspiring dressage rider because he has super movement. He is also an EXCEPTIONALLY talented carriage horse. He is only being sold because his owner is too tall for him [she is over 6 ft tall!!!]
Jet Black and Handsome, Hindrik is an extraordinary Friesian--and he KNOWS it! Hindrik has a wonderful athletic build, a cross between sporthorse and baroque. He has a beautifully arched neck, and could be used for a variety of disciplines. Hindrik has a beautiful small head and chiseled face, and he is ready to make you very happy! He has deep trusting eyes that look into yours for reassurance and love. Hindrik has a great mind and his easy going disposition suits all levels of riders. And you can't beat the pedigree on this young stallion...he is be the recently deceased Otte and out of a Tamme STER+PREF mare. He earned a 2nd premie and has what they call a FULL pedigree that can't get any better: Ster+Pref-Ster+Pref-Ster!!!
He has the potential to go far in dressage, as a trail companion, carriage driving, or as a ride and drive horse. Hendrik is the epitome of FORWARD moving Friesians, he LIKES to work! Very easy to ride by ALL levels of riders, and he is equally pleasant to work with on the ground. Safe, sane, sound, with a recent complete pre-purchase. And suitable for novices AND aspiring competitive dressage riders. Hindrik is a very willing partner with a solid dressage foundation AND competitive show experience. Don't miss this sweet and talented boy, he is an EXCELLENT buy!
Birthday is May 12, 2002

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