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Liekele 364
Friesian Sire


Wicher 334
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 15.3 hands

Bouke is an absolutely gentle and safe STER-stallion with baroque fairytale looks!! Bouke is easy to handle by EVERYONE, even children, and he is a big teddy bear to humans, seeking affection and attention. You can put any rider on him, even a beginner, your grandma, or a good dressage rider! He is everyone's favorite horse to ride:) Bouke is an experienced well trained gorgeous boy....he is nice to the beginners and lovely to small children!
For you serious dressage competitors...take notice! Competitive dressage riders can start showing Bouke right now! Bouke is exceptionally well trained in classical dressage in Germany, with three very good and well balanced gaits, competing in German A-Dressage!
Drivers: start shining up your can win any driving show you go to with this Ster stallion! Bouke is safe and can teach YOU to drive. Check out the wedding Bouke recently participated in, as a member of a 4-in-hand carriage driving team [he is the rear right hand horse looking at the camera]. You can put any other stallion or mare next to him without any that is one well mannered boy!! Bouke is accustomed to going on treks across the countryside, both driving and under saddle, so take him on an all day trail ride, NO PROBLEM:) You can put him in any situation - Bouke is well-behaved and an attention getter.
It´s a pleasure to ride him dressage, AS WELL AS through villages, into the hills, etc - he is safe and gentle, wherever he goes! This is a versatile and talented STER stallion. He walks through any water, forests, traffic , never spooking or spinning. Also his stable and ground manners are impeccable. Currently Bouke is stabled next to a mare in his barn and he doesn´t even notice.
Exhibitions, parades, clinics, overnight trail rides, competitions, week long horse shows.... you can quite simply take Bouke wherever you like... BOUKE won´t be nervous and he will show his best whever he goes!
Only the TOP of the TOP stallions become STER stallions, a predicate bestowed on Bouke due to his exceptional conformation and movement.
Bouke was born in March, 2000. he earned a 2nd premie as a foal. He is sired by Liekele. Liekele was the 1st Premium Friesian stallion in his age group at the 2003 Stallion Show. And don't take it from us, just take a look at Bouke's keuring results from 2003....The Judge's gave him a resounding overall score of 78.1, including an "8" for "showing" and "7.5" for "effort" and "7.4" for "driving"!!! Here is whhat the Judge's wrote:
"Bouke is a strongly built stallion with a lot of Friesian expression. During the exterior score he presented himself incredibly, which resulted in a STER rating. Under the saddle he shows much talent annd effort, but his biggest talent is in being a driving horse. He has good working position with strong use of the hindlegs. In short, Bouke is a good sporting horse witth a GREAT future!"
This is 3rd party verification that Bouke is really an outstanding friesian!
Some of Bouke's shows in Germany include:
Neustadt-Dosse "Nacht der Schwarzen Perlen"
Barocktage Gut Seedorf 2003/2004 (Two- to Eleven-Hand Driving)
Fahrertage Schau und Veranstaltungstage in Hamburg
Wedding Days (Two- and Four-Hand Driving) in Travemunde, Cuxhaven
Cross Country Event Riding
Riding and Driving Combination Event
Quadrille / PasDeDeux

Bouke's price listed is as a gelding. Please let us know right away if you prefer Bouke to remain a stallion; otherwise he will be castrated and flown to Los Angeles, arriving just in time for Xmas!

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