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Fanni B. STER


Folkert 353
Friesian Sire


Oege 267 PREF

In Foal To Doaitsen 420

Friesian Mare In Foal To

Horse Description

Height: 15.3 hands
Fanni STER is a wonderful, well bred, well trained STER mare , that will give you a foal by this year's WONDER BOY, the Approved stallion, Doaitsen [who is sired by Wander]!! She is trained 1st level dressage, and has 4th level potential, and is currently 9 months pregnant.
Fanni is truly a floating cruise control ride---absolutely ride's like a dream:)
And she nearly became a 1st premie--try her again, we think this STER mare is a 1st premie mare all the way! Just look at her linear scores... "7's" for Type, Structure, and Legwork, and a resounding "8" for her perfect walk!!!
She has nice long clean legs, stands 15.3 hands and is still growing, has a beautiful long arched neck, and voluminously long tail. This is a HIGH quality, strong pedigreed mare that can be the mother of an approved stallion-- her foals will be FULL PAPERED!!
Fantastic character... Superb quality... Elegance through and through!! That is Fanni B. She has been trained WAY more than most barefoot and pregnant STER mares, going a solid First Level dressage. Fanni's full sister sold for 29k! Motherline is the very desirable NEW sport line of Line 220, which is a VERY interesting new stam line, especiallly for serious breeders' looking to breed an Approved stallion. This Star Mare is in foal to Doaitsen (due March 17, 2006). Doaitsen had an extroadinarily HIGH number of 1st premie foals this year, and thus his foals are highly sought after in the US.
Fanni is an easygoing, friendly and affectionate mare, with good manners. She has HUGE presence and front, her movements are with great suspension and action. This is a stunning and proud mare.
Damline: Siebrich Ster (Oege peferent)- Pieta Ster Preferent(Fokke)-Narde-Hb. Fanni's grandfather, the preferent Oege, was known for breeding very noble LONG HAIRED and proud horses with great necks, beautiful heads and good gaits and characters. He has more living Approved sons than any other. Feitse-Pref, her other grandfather, has an exceptional record of producing sublime sporthorses, workers and good structure and height. Daddy and current WORLD GRAND CHAMPION, Folkert, has offspring with very good movement and conformation. He is not available via frozen semen. Folkert is a MULTI WORLD CHAMPION winning World Championship titles in 2000, 2001, and 2004!! Folkert is setting the world on fire by producing horses with strong action from behind, good workers, jet-black and with that 'sparkle' we are all looking for. This is one NICE Folkert STER mare!!
Fanni is one of the most elegant mares I have seen in a long long time. With her low 4.3% inbreeding, she can be matched with almost every single stallion . This mare is exactly what the breed is attempting to breed. She is such incredible balance in flashy movement and ideal conformation.
Looking for a top of the line SPECIAL STER mare, look no further. Daughter of multi world champion, Folkert, and in foal to the hottest young stallion in Europe.... Fanni is elegant, regal and the kindest gentlest mare. A match truly made in heaven. A gem - lifelong joy and best friend.

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