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Leffert 306
Friesian Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

Cole is an extraordinary Friesian--and he KNOWS it! Cole, a 5 yr old gelding, has a baroque build. He has a beautifully arched neck, and could be used for a variety of disciplines. Cole's small head and chiseled face make him look like a statue...surreal. He has deep trusting eyes that look into yours for affection. And an impeccable pedigree....can't beat this motherline: Model-Ster+Pref-Ster-Ster+Pref. Cole has a great mind and his easy going disposition suits all levels of riders.
He is currently SHOWING in 1st level dressage, with 4 points in L2 dressage and has the potential to go far in dressage, driving, and as a trail companion, or as a ride and drive horse.
Looking for a BAROQUE HUNK, with experience showing First Level, scoring above 65% in FIRST LEVEL!?! Cole is very easy to ride by ALL levels of riders, and he is equally pleasant to work with on the ground. And look at his fairytale looks, and he is truly BLACK, not bay, like he looks in one of the pictures!!! Friesians DO sunbath, and Cole no longer appears bay in color, he is a truly BLACK Horse, he was just a tad sunbleached this summer!
Safe, sane, sound, with a recent complete pre-purchase. And suitable for small children AND aspiring competitive dressage riders. Cole has numerous hours logged in as a trailmaster. And Cole has been used extensively as a Marathon Driving horse, which is like cross country driving, through the hills, water, over obstacles, and around tight turns.
He is a very willing partner with a solid show record that PROVES his abilities. Don't miss this sweet boy!

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