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Lute 304
Friesian Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.3 hands

Here is a Big Tall Friesian trained for dressage AND trained to drive both in pairs and singles. This is a tremendoous gelding for the budget conscious. Branco is also a very good trail horse...he is the epitome of easy going, already doing lower level dressage work.
He is also a real looker! As you can see he is built flawless. He has correct fundamentals and good proportions. His plusses are a beautiful head, long and arched neck, hair and presence. And..JET-black!
This is a very good price for this TOP QUALITY friesian gelding. Branco is a sweet gelding, he likes being groomed. He is very willing to work, and completely uncomplicated. He has lots of presence, a horse with that “sparkle” we are all looking for! Looking for a well trained dressage horse that you can also take out on the trail? Here's a winner! Branco's gaits are fabulous and he's even more flashy in freedom with his long mane waving in the wind. His trot is elastic with great knee action and his canter is even better than the average Friesian. A Jet black, not fading, athletic hunk with a beautiful head and a swan like neck. He's got the sweetest nature and is very easy to ride. This is absolutely a Beginner's Horse, and ideal for the timid rider, or even small children. And did we mention TALL???

Don't miss out on this reliable Steady but Flashy 5 yr old Gentle Giant!!

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