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Jelke 367
Friesian Sire


Oege 267 PREF

In Foal To Wobke 403

Friesian Mare In Foal To

Horse Description

Height: 16 1/2 hands
This is another one of our "2 for 1" steals. This Jelke 367 daugther is 4 years old, and currently pregnant by the Approved stallion, Wobke (her foal is due in May 3 2006). Jelke was the only approved son of the stallion Pyt, one of our FAVORITE, and no longer living, Approved stallions in the US. For anyone that saw Pyt show saddleseat in the US, it was quite a TREAT! Jelke had excellent movement and character scores, and produced relatively few offspring. Frya is a very good dressage horse and has been in competitions several times. She measures 164cm, which means she is a TALL mare, over 16 hands!!!!!
Frya has an extremely sweet character. And look at all of her mane and LONG THICK tail.
Frya is not only a good riding horse, she is an EXPERIENCED driving horse, being driven both as a single and as a pair! And she is very accustomed to traffic, and loud honking trucks. We KNOW Frya is a good parent...
she already had an exceptional foal this year [her first was a colt by Karel, born April 29, 2005]. Frya went to a keuring recently and entered the studbook with a 3rd premie. We think, if she lost some of her baby belly, she would have easily made STER:) Frya is not just an "out in the pasture" broodmare--she is well schooled and ready to take YOU into the show ring! She is also very well behaved out on the trail, and in traffic. AND she is trained to drive.
This exquisite mare is VERY suitable for a novice rider, and will put a smile on your face, when she gives you a Wobke foal, due in May:)
Motherline is FULL!!!! Ster-Ster-Pref-Ster
Reg # 200149780
FRYA M. was born on 07/11/2001
The mare stam line is 78, generation 7. Stam Line 78 is a very productive motherline, and has produced multiple Approved stallions, including
Jetse 225
Nammen 308
Goffert 369
Tjesse 400.
Frya comes with a recent thorough pre-purchase exam, flexion tests, AND an ultra sound done on Oct 24, indicating that she is nearly 5 months pregnant. Would you like Frya to be in YOUR stable?

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