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Karel 370
Friesian Sire


Hearke 254 PREF

Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands
Looking for a STUNNING 2nd premie Ster mare??? Want a TALL one?? Kenzie's registered name is Catootje, which means a present, in English. Kenzie was born Jun 8, 2000. She has a low in- breeding coefficient of 4.69%. Her height is a TRUE 161 CM!!!!!!!!!!
You can't beat the strong pedigree on this gal...her sire is Karel 370 annd mother's sire is the legendary Preferent Approved stallion [no longer living] , and one of the greatest studs of all time, Hearke-Pref. Kenzie's motherline is outstanding: stb/ster/model/ster.
Kenzie is a very nice mare with the RARE stallion-like appearance, swan neck, nice long mane and tail , and a deep black coat. And what a strong trot, look at the step on this gal:) She is a very sweet ster mare with an engaging and nice personality. Kenzie is willing to work and please she is the kind of mare that can teach YOU how to drive:) Want to go out in the wild blue yonder, on trails or pleasure riding??? No problem for Kenzie! And traffic is no problem for this mare.
Kenzie is a very nice show horse, and you won't find too many STER mares at this price! She is a great horse for the entire family to enjoy, would be a wonderful asset to any breeding program, and if you really wanted a MARE, but like the way our geldings look...then Kenzie is for YOU!! And it was NO PROBLEM getting Kenzie pregnant, she had 1 beautiful foal as a 4 yr old already, so she is PROVEN GOOD MOTHER!!!

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