Ritske - SOLD

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Fabe 348
Friesian Sire


Feitse 293 PREF
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Ritske is a beautifully put together stud colt.
He is from the famous breeding line 110. Ritske is a Fabe 348 x Feitse 293 Pref x Ritske 202 P. This combination produces EXTREMELY good horses, like world champion Sape 381 (also a Fabe x Feitse!!!!).
His mother (Tine) is a better quality studbook mare than most (the last daughter out of the famous Mintsje Star + Preferent). Tine had a 1st premium as filly which means that she also has the qualities from her mother! Mintsje's mother is Neenke Model + Preferent. She is the mother of Sibbelien B Model + Preferent and six star mares!!! WOW! Also from this line is Annichje fan Bokkum Model ( a HUGE IBOP score of 95AA), Geartsje fan Bokkum Model, Approved stallion Nanno 372 and Liesbeth Model+Preferent.
Talk about good GENES....
Ritske's inbreeding is LOW: 2,34% (1,56% inbreeding from famous preferent stallion Ritske 202). This colt is almost Tetman-free (very unique blood).
Ritske just arrived from Europe!!! He is a WOW looking young stallion...come see him at our San Francisco stable!
Ritske is a GOOD ONE!!

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