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Teunis 332
Friesian Sire


Doeke 287
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands
This fairytale looking 4 yr old stallion is a dream come true, combining solid training AND beauty, at an ideal age of 4, all in one package. Frits is the sweetest and most gentle boy you could ever know. AND he is VERY well trained to ride AND drive, with a solid dressage foundation coming from his classical dressage training, and due to his fairytale appearance, he has been used as a carriage horse. Frits was chosen by his Prix St George trainer as a horse she would like to train and show, as her personal horse, and was not really for sale before. He only just became available due to the birth of our trainer's first baby! We HAD to have him--he has the looks BSF's strives to find, and offer..... A TRUE FAIRYTALE HORSE. We fell in LOVE with Frits on our recent trip to Holland, but tried not to stare at him too much, knowing we couldn't have him. Now that we have him....THIS ONE WON'T LAST.
Frits is blessed with the highest level of Suspension, Extension, and Over-track possible. His forward movement is achieved via his powerful back end. Just take a look at his short coupled back which allows Frit's ideal conformation to dictate his superb movement. His short coupled back allows for his strong, positive overtrack, which is essential to creating his excellent forward movement out of back-end power and control.
Frits is an upper level dressage prospect, and has a tall, medium baroque build. Frits is blessed with Teunis's long legs, and long elegant neck. All this, AND Frits is not lazy--he has an outstanding work ethic, yet is not the slightest bit spooky.
We think he has what it takes to really move up the levels here in the US. He has a very good walk, excellent ground covering action at the trot, and a VERY smooth canter. He is equally suitable as a pleasure/trail horse. This horse has the natural talent to make any dressage rider VERY happy, and the age, experience, and enough training to make a novice or beginner or pleasure/trail rider feel comfortable.
Allow Frits to be YOUR dream friesian:)
His price INCLUDES his import and quarantine as a stallion. Just let us know if you prefer he fly into NY, otherwise he is set to arrive in Los Angeles in 1 week!

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