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Fabe 348
Friesian Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Gilliad is a drop dead gorgeous baroque gelding with an amazing presence. We fell in love with him when we were at the stallion show in January, but he was not for sale at that time. We have followed his training both under saddle and in harness, and when he became available for purchase recently, we immediately bought him. This is one COOL horse!
Gilliad is by Fabe, an important Friesian stallion from the very small Age line. Fabe has two approved sons: Sape 381 and Tije 401. His offspring are very black with very good hair. Gilliad's dam's sire is Oepke. It is rare to find horses with Oepke in them these days, as Oepke is deceased. In 1980 the young stallions Oepke 266, Oege 267, and Peke 268 were the first to graduate from the newly instituted 50 day stallion test held in Ermelo. This first year was a trial, and it was determined that this test was positive for the breed, and Oepke was oustanding in the test.
Under saddle, Gilliad has extremely supple forward gaits and his hocks nearly touch his belly! Talk about tracking up well.... He almost hesitates in the trot. with incredible knee-action AND extension. His canter is beautifully 'uphill.' Gilliad is entirely uncomplicated: you can take him anywhere and while curious and alert, he will do what you ask without spooking or spinning. His relaxed personality has allowed him to learn very quickly and will also make him an ideal showhorse down the line.
Gilliad is a sensation to ride. But he stays very calm and is not a nervous horse. He is a true showhorse but can be ridden by most riders, no matter their level. Gilliad is one beautiful baroque boy and if you like hair, he has LOTS of it! We love Gilliad's disposition and his motion at the trot will just take your breath away.
Gilliad has been professionally trained to ride and drive. He is a real sensation to ride because of his movement. This is a rare opportunity to acquire a true Showhorse with a very easy-going disposition.
Gilliad's price includes import and quarantine as a gelding, to NY or LA, and Gilliad is scheduled to arrive in Los Angeles soon.

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