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Height: 16.1 hands
Friso and Amalfi, on a August Sunny Day in the Netherlands, by Ron Goldman
Friso and Amalfi have one of those unique relationships where they seem like an unlikely couple, and yet they love their time together. We first met Friso and Amalfi when they were tied up next to each other waiting to be saddled. Friso, who is quite proud of the way he looks, given the number of times he bows his head and flips it back up, to show off his lovely long hair, was playfully bitting Amalfi in the head and neck and chest. Amalfi was trying hard to ignore Friso, but the nipping continued until Amalfi put his leg straight out, like a Spanish walk, and held it there to signal to Friso to "cut it out." But of course, Friso continued to pester Amalfi.
Under saddle, Friso and Amalfi were both very impressive. Friso had a big, bold move and was confident in his strides and demonstrated his knowledge. You could tell this boy liked to show off his stuff and he knew that he garnered the attention of those watching him. Amalfi was more controlled and focused on responding to his rider in a very disciplined manner. We recognized that both of these boys would make excellent dream Friesians, and immediately bought them.
We were then treated with a four in hand demonstration with Amalfi in the lead position and his buddy Friso to his left, as the lead horses. They were pared up with two other beautiful Friesians pulling one of those competition carriages that are so popular in Holland. Out into the Dutch country roads we went with Amalfi and Friso in the lead. Amalfi was the perfect driving horse, head straight and focused, moving like a machine. Friso needed to bow his head and whip around his beautiful hair like the primadonna that he is. Before very long, Friso could not resist that fact that it was his buddy to his right and he just had to bug Amalfi. Friso would quickly snap at Amalfi by moving his head and body to his right, just enough times to earn a yell from the driver, probably some Dutch swear word. With every playful bite by Friso, Amalfi was stoic and tried to ignore his pesky buddy. Friso on the other hand became frustrated with the fact that Amalfi was ignoring him and began to move his body to the right to get a better shot at Amalfi. This resulted in the carriage going a bit to the right which would again earn Friso a Dutch swear word. Being pulled through the Friesland country side in the competition carriage with four beautiful stallions was quite an experience. We drove to a small wooded site where a tall Moorish looking watch tower stood over the graves of eight American airman. Apparently it was the sight where their bomber crashed during World War II...We stopped long enough to pay tribute to these fallen heros who were laid to rest so far from their homes. Back on the road again, the traffic would pass only inches away from the horses and our carriage. One of the times when Frisco was doing his best to get a piece of Amalfi, the driver pulled Friso to his left to straighten him up just as a car whizzed by and Friso just missed the car, in his mischievous play! There is no doubt, Friso and Amalfi are two VERY special friesians, whether being driven, OR under saddle!

Amalfi (registered as Doris) is a STER gelding [he was a STER STALLION-we castrated him for import], which means the Dutch Judges thought his conformation and movement were TOP 10%, and he passed to the Final round in the stallion selection process. He is a DREAM under saddle, listening and following the riders every cue, and he is going L2 level dressage [First Level]. He has 3 VERY good gaits, and tracks up very well. We can't say enough things about this horse, he is a very good thinking, well trained to ride AND drive boy, with a current pre-purchase and CLEAN x-rays. Amalfi is busy accumulating a proven show record in L level competition in Europe, and can be imported at anytime. Please let us know if you would prefer this Sape STER gelding to be fllown to NY, otherwise he will be flown to Los Angeles in september. Note: importing a stallion requires an additional $5,000 30 day quarantine, thus we geld most of our horses.

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