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Just look at the athleticism of this fully papered stud colt! He is the kind of horse that really SHOULD be tried for Approval, exceptional topline, AND bloodlines. Luxos just arrived in the U.S.
Looking for a top of the line stud colt to start your breeding program??
Luxos is your MAN! Luxos comes from stam line 78. This is a productive motherline, producing such Approved stallions as:
Jetse 225
Nammen 308
Goffert 369
Tjesse 400.
What more can you ask for in a pedigree??? His conformation is very nice and so are his movements. Definitely a stallion candidate! Luxos has a nice character that Wobke is known for passing along. He has a lovely short back (which is nice to see in a Friesian). Long legs and what a motor he will have. And an awesome, free shoulder. Luxos should mature around 16.1- 16.2 hands. He will make a super sport horse, exhibition horse or "maybe" an approved stallion???.


Wobke 403
Friesian Sire


Oege 267 Pref

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