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Monte 378
Friesian Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands
Trained to ride AND drive. This is one TALL, VERY honest, wonderful long haired boy, and look at that gorgeous small star on his forehead [friesians are allowed a small star, it is the only white on their body that is acceptable to the FPS/FHANA registry...and we LOVE Frit's unusual marking:) It is just one off the things that makes this friesian A CUT ABOVE.
And talk about pedigree, you can't BEAT the pedigree on this lovely boy. His motherline is impeccable: STER-STER-STER-MODEL, with a total of 18 generations of STER or better on his papers! He has a LOW 2.53% inbreeding. Frits is by the Reserve World Grand Champion Sjees Driving Horse, Monte, and Monte is known for passing on long elegant necks and ideal conformation to his TALL offspring.
Here is a very willing and bold riding horse. Frits doesn't get nervous about things around him, and he moves very easily off the leg. Good on the trails and with traffic. Easy to ride with a forward gait, and comfortable to sit. He is like a big puppy dog - happy to get all the attention he can! Very friendly, this is a real in your lap friesian.... gentle, gentle, gentle, AND drop dead GORGEOUS!
Frits has a long arched neck, and good conformation, with a very comfortable trot, for you bad backed riders. Frits has TONS of hair. Mane, forelock, feathers, you name it, and he has lots of it. His mane reaches past his shoulder and his forelock is to the tip of his nose. He has that Fairytale Friesian look with the personality and riding ability to go with it. A great companion horse for pleasure or dressage. He will become your best friend in no time at all.
Frits KNOWS that he is pretty, he's a real matcho man, and quite a character. He has a thorough recent pre-purchase exam and is ready for his new forever home. And don't forget, you can enjoy riding AND driving this boy, he is equally pleasant pulling a carriage.
Please let us know right away if you would like this reasonably priced one of a kind boy imported to NY. Otherwise we will bring him to Los Angeles in 1 week.

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