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Piter 312
Friesian Sire


In Foal To Tije 401

Friesian Mare In Foal To

Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands
Virte is a special and TALL studbook mare. Her dam has had 3 STER offspring, and after that she has a full pedigree [unbroken STER predicates!]. She has an inbreeding co-efficient of 4.29%, and the Tije foal in her belly , due Mar 28, 2006, will have an inbreeding co-efficient of 2.93%.
Virte is a RARE mare with SHOW experience. She has 2 points in L level competition, which is comparable to our First Level.
Virte is another one of our PROVEN producers. She has had 2 foals. 1 Tsjerk colt and an Onne filly, pictured above.
Virte has two first premium brothers (f.Onne 376 & Tije 401 ) and three star sisters (all from different fathers!). Virte is a cousin of first premium stallion Riemer 379. Her mother is almost preferent. Virte can make her mother preferent if she becomes a ster mare this year. We think it is a no brainer-this mare will become STER in Sept!. Virte's first was a colt from Tsjerk 328, who was at the stallion keuring in Ermelo in 2004. Thus Virte produces STER quality!
Virte is a RARE broodmare that has been trained in dressage, and has points to prove it. You can immediately show Virte in dressage competitions, she is in great shape and ready to compete. This mare is 16.1 hands tall, with long legs. It is difficult to find mares this tall!!
Because the mother of Virte had a first premium colt from Onne in 2002 , we decided to breed Virte to Onne. She had a filly from Onne [pictured] in 2004. She has the same qualities as the first premium colt from her grandmother (see pictures). In 2003 the mother of Virte had a first premium colt from Tije 401 (see pictures). That is why she was bred to Tije 401 for 2006. If Virte's unborn foal has the same qualities as that colt, and we expect it will, it will be a great foal!
The motherline of Virte (stam 70) is as follows:
- Star (3 star daughters + 2 first premium colts in breeding, almost preferent. She is grandmother of 4 starmares and three first premium foals)
- Star (3 star daughter, almost preferent, grandmom of the approved stallion Riemer 379)
- Star (3 star daughters) - Model (3 star daughters)
- Ster + Preferent
- Model + Preferent
This line has produced the approved stallions : Riemer 379, Gerryt 360, Teeuwis, Feitse preferent and Lute 304.
Virte has excellent papers for breeding. Approved stallions are selected on movement and bloodlines. Virte has both. And Virte is a niece of Riemer 379 which means that her paper belongs to the better bloodlines of all friesian horses.
Virte is a rare mare currently competing at L Level dressage, with an INCREDIBLE pedigree, AND wiill give you a foal in the spring of 2006.

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