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Diedert STER


Lolke 371
Friesian Sire


Peke 268
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands
As you can see, he is built flawless. He was a STER STALLION, that means correct fundamentals and good proportions. His plusses are a beautiful head, long and arched neck, hair and presence. Showing L2 Level Dressage.......And..JET-black!
Very good price for this TOP QUALITY STAR Gelding (Top 20% of the breed) and is a highly coveted young horse with the so sought after dressage show experience. This was a STALLION CANDIDATE! He was 1st premie as a foal, and made it to one of the last rounds at the stallion show, thus became a STER stallion.
Diedert is a sweet ster gelding, he likes being groomed. He is very willing to work, and uncomplicated. The woman that currently trains him and shows him also shows an Approved stallion, and she has taken her time with this outstanding dressage horse. He has lots of presence, a horse with that “sparkle” we are all looking for! And his trainer says he is the MOST tremendous dressage horse, "incredible!", ...her favorite!!!!
Diedert has super papers: STER-STER-STER-STER PREFERENT. Diedert also has a recent thorough pre-purchase and he is good on x-rays!
This is an outstanding young sporthorse with 3 very good gaits, that is easy enough for any amateur or novice to enjoy. Price INCLUDES import and quarantine as a gelding to NY or LA. Let me know SOON if you would like Diedert flown to NY, otherwise Diedert STER will be imported to LA on Aug 2nd, and be at our San Francisco Stable on Aug 4th!!!!!!!

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