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Jasper 366
Friesian Sire


Dirk 298
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands
Evert is one of the MOST SPECIAL horses we have ever offered. Evert was not only chosen at the Stallion Show in Leeuwarden to be a STER stallion, he was one of the few, the elite, one of only 20 stallions chosen to attend the 70 day test. Obviously, Evert has the goods, he has what it takes to be a provisionally Approved Stallion!!
This means Evert not only became a STER stallion, with clean x-rays, good semen, etc, he also has the conformation, pedigree, and movement that is considered EXCEPTIONAL by the panel of Dutch Judges. And he was dismissed for ??????
It doesn't end there....we gelded Evert, and he is currently competing and WINNING in L2 dressage in Europe. It is very difficult for us to find friesians that are competing against warmbloods, and beating them, and Evert is doing just that! This is PROOF that Evert is performing at 1st/2nd level, he HAS to be doing what is required of that level, in order to obtain points. This is quite an accomplishment for this young boy!!
Wanna hook Evert up and go for a carriage drive? No problem, Evert also drives and can pull a sleigh.
Evert is one of the most beautiful geldings available anywhere. He has an ENORMOUS amount of hair, and a very refined and chiseled head and neck. He is VERY easy to ride, even for a timid rider. And Evert has 3 good gaits, is very honest, he WANTS to please. Jasper, Evert's daddy, is known for his outstanding movement [hence his championship win in his age group at the Stallion Show this year!!], and Evert has inherited Jasper's talent, Evert's scores for his walk, trot, and canter are off the charts!
Evert is a one of a kind boy!!!! And exceptional friesian, in every way.

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