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Teunis 332
Friesian Sire


Lute 304
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

Dillan has a lovely character, and is one TALL, DARK, HANDSOME gelding!! AND Dilan is the kind of horse you can put your grandmother on. Trouble posting, lose your balance, or stirrup, Dillan recognizes it, and stops immediately. This is ONE GENTLE [and goreous] GIANT. He truly is BOMBPROOF. Dillan is IDEAL for all you chickens out there, who want a horse to love and enjoy, and NEVER want to worry about what the horse is looking at. Dillan will NEVER take off or spook, he is as solid as they come.
He is double trained for saddle and harness (single and pair). This classy friesian is very gentle, and easy going. He is accustomed to loud barking dogs, and going on trails by himself. If you are looking for a CLASS ACT, Dillan is IT!!!
And Dillan comes with recent set of good x-rays.
We like Dillan for his fabulous steady temprament, he is easy and sweet. Dillan also trailers, ties, bathes, clips... an all around great guy!
Dillan also has a great pedigree. His motherline is stb/ster/ster/ster, and inbreeding is a low 3.71%. It is not easy to find TALL geldings like this, Dillan is 16.2 hands and STILL GROWING!!! His sire is the late great Teunis, a stallion that is known for his good thinking, kind, willing offspring. Teunis died too young, and Dillan is one of his last sons.
Dillan is a big and brave gelding that has three very good gaits. We know Dillan will be a nice dressage horse. He is so well trained under saddle and in carriage driving, that he is appropriate for ALL levels of riders. Dillan is great out on the trail, in the hills, and traffic proof. This gentle giant also has a nice long mane and tail.
In brief, Dillan is a very good horse for beginners and IDEAL for those looking for SAFE SAFE SAFE. He has a clean pre-purchase and x-ray report, and is ready for his new forever home.

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