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Beart 411
Friesian Sire


Ouke 313
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Latte recently earned a 1st premie at the HIGHLY competitive keuring in the Netherlands!!!!! This is a classification ONLY the TOP 1-5% of ALL horses receive!!!

He has solid bloodlines, sired by the multi titled champion, Beart. LATTE is very sweet STALLION, enjoying attention, and is very willing.

This is an Exceptionally nice colt!!

Latte received his first premium at the keuring in Esbeek on August 5, 2007. This is a BIG keuring, there are too many horses to inspect them all in one day so it takes up two full days ---- on Sunday and on Monday. The colt received his first premium on Sunday, on Monday was the championship of the keuring and the two best colts from Sunday came back on Monday to try to become the best foal and Latte was one of those two foals! He was one of the best of Sunday’s keuring:)

More about Latte:
Beart X Ouke

Lots of extension in the trot. PERFECT conformation, and wonderful disposition. Latte has wonderful ground manners. He clips, bathes, trailers, and is very affectionate and personable.

This is an exceptional colt by Beart with a nice head and neck set, with lots of impulsion.

Will be 16+ hands at maturity.

Latte is very personable and fun to work with. Latte is a prospect for Dressage and a candidate for the Stallion testing, to become an approved stallion. He is not cheap--- but you get what you pay for, and believe us, this one is going to be a head turner.
Latte is registered as "Wybe"

His reg number is 200703983

Birthdate is 5/11/07

LOW 1.56% in breeding

He comes from stam line 40, 11th generation.
This is the line of the Approved stallions, Bart 243, and Erik 351.

You want quality? You want elegance, you want something special and unique....chosen as the BEST of the BEST in tough Dutch keuring... here is your chance:)
Become the proud owner of a rare, hard to find, 1st premie colt, who just arrived from Europe!

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