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Anne 340
Friesian Sire


Lammert 260
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description


Orion is a beautiful 9 year old Friesian gelding with unlimited talent for dressage, trail/pleasure riding, and the patience of a saint with beginners.
He has outstanding conformation and impressive gaits, yet is very smooth to sit. Orion is a powerful and elegant mover with a great mind.
Orion is sired by Anne, one of the best FPS Approved US Friesian stallions. He has been used by children in a kid's dressage lesson program. Orion is in professional dressage training and has been ridden by a novice rider for the past 3 years.
Very good looking, good movements with a friendly, gentle character. He is easy to ride, and has an easy canter for a Friesian. Orion likes to work, learn and please and is a forgiving horse with a quiet behavior. No problem to ride him with other horses and he is easy to handle on the ground.
Orion is easy enough for amateurs and the timid, yet correct enough on his own to do well in shows. He always behaves like a true gentleman and tries his best for his rider. With his jet black coat and floating gaits, Orion is a real eye catcher. Orion would be a wonderful addition to any family:)
Orion is very people oriented and loves being showered with attention. You can't help but LOVE Orion!
Come take Orion for a spin --he is at our stable!!

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